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Get Your Body Summer Ready With Gabrielle Union’s Workout Moves

Get Your Body Summer Ready With Gabrielle Union’s Workout Moves

After a short tease of amazing weather, we’re now getting a dose of spring-ter once again but that doesn’t mean summer won’t sneak up on us just like that! As I get ready to take in all things summer which means Chicago fests, beach days, travel, and more, its time to start getting my body right. No, I’m not looking to drastically drop pounds, just tone and maintenance.

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One of my favorite #fitspo and #bodygoals is actress and Chicago Bulls WAGS that’s aging like fine wine, Gabrielle Union. As soon as I found out (aka insta/snapchat creeped) that when she’s in Chicago she gets her body sculpted at Equinox Lincoln Park, I had to get in on the fun. Like Kanye rapped, “I need every bad b!tch up in Equinox” so I’m trying to get mine on.  I’ve been incorporating some of Gab’s moves into my workouts. In an effort to commit to a more consistent fitness goal, not just for summer. She’s always working on that booty and sculpting her arms though her trainer puts her through a full body regiment to keep that body tight!
*With any workout, if you are not a frequent gym goer, consult with a physician first or enlist the services of a trainer to get a handle of these moves. Don’t forget your water. I’m ready to get my summer body underway and #Committosomething, are you?

1) Resistance band warmup.

2) Single leg landmine
single leg land mine

3) Ropes on Bosu Ball (one arm)

4) TRX Squats with bands

trx squats no bands


5) Kettle bell Deadlifts (or dumbbell)

6) Stepups with knee raise
step ups with knee raise

7) Wall sit with bands

8) Squats with kettle bell (or dumbbell) 


See Also

9) Single leg reverse fly


10) Planks (regular, rocking planks, forearm side plank, knee tuck planks)

Gabrielle Union Night on The Run Wade
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