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Dwyane Wade’s Stylist Calyann Barnett Talks “A Night on the RunWade”

Dwyane Wade’s Stylist Calyann Barnett Talks “A Night on the RunWade”

On Sunday, March 19, Chicago native Dwyane Wade will bring to the city for the first time, his fashion show runway event, now going on its fifth year. The fundraising effort, “A Night on the RunWade,” which benefits Dwyane Wade’s Wades World foundation will be hosted by Black-ish star Anthony Anderson and will feature who’s who from sports, TV, music, film and fashion but all eyes will be on the runway. Wade’s personal stylist and show creative director Calyann Barnett talked to us about what to expect from the show, which will feature all looks from Dsquared2’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection; it has not been seen on a runway until now. The fifth annual “A Night on the RunWade” to benefit Wade’s World Foundation ticket into can be found here.



SociaLifeChicago: You have been working with Dwyane Wade now going on your 10th year, how has that relationship evolved over time with the fashion landscape and his growth?
Calyann Barnett: When we first started the NBA was all about jeans, oversized t-shirts and baggy suits and we evolved it more into a space where they could express themselves through their fashion and not just wearing clothes because you had to look good. What you are trying to express through your wardrobe. Fashion allowed getting to know him as a person because some of the people don’t really have the opportunity to get face-face time him.

SLC:Where do you find inspiration outside of fashion shows?
CB: For me it’s about the world. I love to travel and I have traveled my whole life so whether it’s coming to Chicago, New York, Miami or LA. It’s taking the actual world you see from the color, texture, different style and then putting into one cohesive image. I also enjoy looking at photos from different decades and the thing with fashion is that it’s very cyclical; you can almost predict where it will go next. Everything recycles itself in a 7-10 year span, so I might look back to see what looked good during that period and what worked then modify it to translate it to today.



SLC: Now that Dwyane is Chicago based, are you here more frequently?
CB: Yea now that Dwyane’s playing for the Bulls, I am in Chicago a lot more than I expected to be here but I enjoy the shopping here. I will have to say the shopping in Chicago is AMAZING! Often when I would need sizes that they didn’t have in Miami or New York, they would call Chicago stores for me. I feel like its an untapped market and I don’t know if the people of Chicago realize how great the buyers of the stores here are. On top of the the fun elements of layers upon layers, furs and scarves things we don’t get to do in Miami.

night on the runwade flyer


SLC: What can we expect from “A Night on the RunWade”?
CB: We will be showcasing 40 looks, for both men and women, from Dsquared2. Rockit is partnering with us for this as well. This is also an opportunity for Dwyane to extend his Spotlight On initiative. We have 6 students that will get to shadow someone working on the show whether that’s me, the public relations professional or someone in charge of production.

SLC: What are some of your favorite spots in Chicago?
CB: I love going to Saks and Sunda and the Langham, that’s the only hotel I stay in when in town.


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photo credit: Daniel Delgado; Wades World; Vogue runway
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