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Cynthia Rowley Launches New Furniture Line

Cynthia Rowley Launches New Furniture Line

Cynthia Rowley, was in Chicago earlier this month (June 2) to debut her new furniture collaboration with Hooker Furniture that will be sold exclusively at all 11 Chicago area Walter E. Smithe showrooms and on The collection, which features iconic Rowley signature bold prints, fun and spirited aesthetic were on display at the for guest stop admire at the event which took place in the Smithe showroom in Lincoln Park.  Prior to her Q & A led by Walter Smithe, we had the chance to ask her a few questions on the project, what she’s working on next and her views on the future of fashion calendar.
Cynthia Rowley (2)
SociaLifeChicago: How did this collaboration with Hoooker furniture come about?
Cynthia Rowley: (laughs) we were just trying to figure that out the other day. I actually don’t know when we got together, it was one of those magical moments that happened. Somehow I got lucky and I hope they are happy with it. It’s been going really well.

SLC: Did you anticipate a 160 piece collection when you started this process?
CR: The thing is, if you are doing a furniture line, there are certain things that you have to do. You have to have beds, about three or four, you have to do dining; you need upholstered furniture so it starts to build up and you either go big or go home. You know what? I could have done twice that amount.

SLC: What’s next for you project wise?
CR: We are continuing this collaboration, this is the first. We’ve already added new pieces to the next delivery. We’ve added 30-40 new pieces; rugs are coming out in about 8 months. We’ll do lighting so it will become a full thing. I will have my staples so you’ll be able to get everything you need to have a home office. We are doing fitness and tech accessories. I am also working on a book and fragrance which is almost ready to go.

What are your thoughts on the fashion calendar debate and the Show now buy now?
CR: Its a huge topic. I think it has to be both as In Australia we showed 52 looks, half surf/swim fitness half Ready To Wear brand new collections. Much of the surf/swim/fitness was buy now wear now and the RTW was sprinkled with buy now wear now, but also brand new.

Cynthia Q and A with Walter SmitheCynthia with Walt III and Mark Smithe (4) Maureen Smithe, Caitie Jisa, Cynthia Rowley, Colleen Parker, Meghan Clarke


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