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Chicago Cubs WAGs

Chicago Cubs WAGs

Could 2016 be the year the Curse of the Billygoat is broken? Chicago Cubs fans certainly hope so. The Cubs are having an out-of-the-park season so far —remaining 1st in National League Central for the first time since 1945, and making All-Star history by becoming just the second team ever to have its entire infield start an All-Star Game.

The energy around Wrigleyville has been more electrified than ever, with hopes of securing the World Series for the first time in 108 years. With all the fanfare and attention surrounding the players, so too comes an interest in those who support the players both on and off the diamond, the WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends). on July 16 Cubs Charities will host, ‘Cubs Wives Present Players’ Favorite Things Baskets.’

Though these WAGs induce envy from female fans, their duties range from managing their own careers, organizing charity events and fundraisers, taking care of the kids and home, to continuously supporting their men on the field. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.11.06 PM

Check out the roster of some of the team’s most notable counterparts:

Jessica Delp

Together since high school Kris Bryant proposed to Jessica Delp in December. Instagram @jessica_delp | Twitter: jessicadelp3

jessica delp-kris bryant

kris bryant_jessica delp_WAGS

Julianna Zobrist

A new addition to join the Cubs’ WAGs is Julianna (31), wife of Ben Zobrist and a successful Christian music singer. They got married in 2005 after meeting via Instant Messenger and are parents to three kids.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.31.45 PM

julianna zobrist_Shatterproof

Elissa Hammel

Elissa Hammel has been married to pitcher Jason Hammel since 2009 after meeting in 2006, they have two kids together.


Melisa Russell

Cubs shortstop Addison Russell’s married Melisa (nee Reidy) in early January 2016 is regarded as one of the most eye-catching WAGs on the team. They welcomed their first child together in September 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.11.22 PM


A photo posted by M e l i s a • R u s s e l l (@russellmelisa) on

Darya Aliya Fowler The wife of centerfielder Dexter Fowler and mommy to their daughter Naya shows support for her husband both on and off the field. Her instagram feed is filled with cuteness courtesy of their daughter Naya. The couple met in Vegas in 2010 and they were married din 2012. She’s trusts her tresses to the amazing Todd Kempton so she’s so bae status to us. daryaaliyafowler Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.27.20 PM

I Couldn’t possibly ask God for anything more. He is so great. My little and big angels #nayafowler A photo posted by Darya Aliya Fowler (@daryaaliyafowler) on

Brittany Arrieta

brittany arrieta-jake--chicago-cubs wags

They met in elementary school and began dating as juniors in high school. Wife of Jake Arrieta, Brittany, actively supports her husband both from the stands, and on social media. We get a sense she might be the mama cub of the WAGS crew.


Jessica Cahill

Jessica and her husband Trevor, pitcher for the Cubs, are active supporters of animal rights. They welcomed their first child together in February of this year, on the first day of spring training. They live out in Arizona so she doesn’t do much with the Chicago based WAGS.

trevor and jessica cahill


Natalie Szczur

The wife of outfielder Matt Szczur, Natalie has a blog dedicated to sharing their life off the field.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.02.11 AM

fullsizerender_71 2

Paige Hartman

The girlfriend of Kyle Schwarber is actively involved in Chicago’s philanthropy community. Her social media cubs postings have been limited due to Kyle’s injury. Paige Hartman-Kyle Schwarber

Ellen Cohara

Despite being married to Tommy Hunter since 2014, Ellen hasn’t changed her name. Tommy-Hunters-wife-Ellen-Cohara-Facebook1

Brittany Wood

Cubs pitcher Travis Wood’s wife Brittany is a true baseball wife. travis and brittany wood

Gina Grimm

Gina Grimm is the wife of Justin Grimm, Cubs pitcher. Gina (Nee Nuccio) is a Naperville native and former gymnast at University of Georgia. They were married in February 2016 Gina and Justin Grimm_Cubs Gina Nuccio_cubs WAGS

Emma Cain

Emma Cain and Kyle Hendricks got engaged in February 2016. She graduated with a BSN.
Kyle Hendricks_Emma Cain-Cubs
emma cain-cubs

Kristina Lackey

The former high school sweethearts married in 2014 in Texas.

Tina Lackey-Cubs Wags

Miami fun with these beauties!!

A photo posted by Kristina Lackey (@tinalack3) on

Kristina and John Lackey family

Emily Vakos

We wouldn’t forget about Anthony Rizzo but it seems he’s moved on from his rumored former flame Chelsea Smith and now dating Ms. Vakos for about 5 months now. He recently started sharing photos of their outings together. She’s an Arizona State alum who was a nutritional intern with the Cubs in February 2016, so maybe that’s how they met.
Anthony Rizzo_Emily Vakos

Emily Vakos Anthony Rizzo

Which WAG are you rooting for? Go Cubs Go! 

*images via: Instagram, Tumblr, Infocusdigital

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  • “Ellen Cohara
    Despite being married to Tommy Hunter since 2014, Ellen hasn’t changed her name.”

    Good for her! He didn’t change his name either, I take it?

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