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Chelsea Boots For Men To Shop For Fall/Winter and Beyond

Chelsea Boots For Men To Shop For Fall/Winter and Beyond

The Chelsea boot, the versatile, statement making shoe that oozes sophistication even before the man wearing it utters a word. The Chelsea boots’ origins dates back to the 1830’s as it was originally referred to as “Paddock Boots” or “Elastic Side Boot.” Back then, “Queen Victoria had requested a boot be made without laces because they kept getting stuck in her stirrups while riding. In 1837 they were created by bootmaker J. Sparkes-Hall for the House of Queen Victoria.” The design incorporated volcanized rubber, a new invention at the time by Charles Goodyear, which was used to make the elastic side strips. 


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Then in 1950s and 1960s, they became popular in the UK; they were first seen on King’s Road in the London Borough of Chelsea, hence the name Chelsea boots. A very quality Chelsea boot must be made from quality upper cut material such as leather or suede, it must have durable rubber soles and welting, must fall at ankle height with rounded toes. According to bootmakers Crocket and Jones, for it to be regarded as high quality true Chelsea boot, a Chelsea boot must be easy to slip on and off; it must be ‘blocked’- referring to the shaping of the leather vamp castors by way of pressure using a ‘blade’ and the elastic on the side panels must be of good quality as well.  You can pair your Chelsea boots with a range of outfits.  Pair it with some slim Monfrere pants; a suit will be complemented with the boot but not a tuxedo. I love a good Chelsea boot on a man, it shows class, thought into dressing. We’ve curated a selection of really nice Chelsea Boots for men on the market that you can shop below.


Paul Smith Cedric Pull On $350 | SHOP NOW

Coach metropolitan chelsea boots

Coach New York Metropolitan Leather, $295 | SHOP NOW

LEMAIRE Black Leather Chelsea Boots $885 | SHOP NOW

The ROW Grunge Suede $1,590 | SHOP NOW

alexander mcqueen hybrid chelsea boots
Alexander McQueen Hybrid exaggerated sole | SHOP NOW

Maison Margiela Tabi split-toe $1,190 | SHOP NOW

xBOSS Lisbon Chelsea boots
BOSS Lisbon $299 | SHOP NOW

BP Water Resistant Chelsea Boot
BP. Water Resistant $99 | SHOP NOW

Saint Laurent Wyatt $1,150 | SHOP NOW

Steve Madden Highline Chelsea Boots
Steve Madden Highline $99.95 | SHOP NOW

Church’s Men’s Prenton $650 | SHOP NOW

Rhett Chelsea Boot ALLSAINTS
AllSaints Rhett $249 | SHOP NOW

Brunello Cucinelli Men's Suede Leather Chelsea Boots Image 2 of 3 BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Men's Suede Leather Chelsea Boots
Brunello Cucinelli Suede Leather $1,150 | SHOP NOW

John Lobb Kensington Chelsea boot
John Lobb Kensington $2,650 | SHOP NOW


source: Gentleman’s Gazette

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