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Black Models Take Center Stage At Valentino Spring 2019 Couture Show

Black Models Take Center Stage At Valentino Spring 2019 Couture Show

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_models

You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem. For the longest time, many in the fashion industry especially those of color have lamented at the dearth of diversity in fashion shows, campaigns and such. Bethann Hardison has been calling for diver, Vogue has been called out for not putting non-caucasian models on their pages. There was a time when Ebony Magazine founder John Johnson’s wife Eunice would buy clothes from top label designers for her traveling Ebonfy Fashion show. Things haven’t changed much but they are getting better with understanding Allies. Such was the case at the Spring 2019 Valentino Couture show in Paris, where the fashion house’s creative director  Pierpaolo Piccioli decided to be a part of the solution and conversation to advance diversity on the runway. In describing the Spring 2019 Valentino Couture show, he noted:

“I have asked the seamstresses of the Atelier to personally name each dress with a name of a flower or with the emotion brought by the flower itself. I was inspired by the Abécédaire de Flore”.


Check out all the beautiful black and brown models including Naomi Campbell who closed the show, that were on the runway for Valentino Couture Spring 2019. Maybe others, except for Dolce unless they get rid of that vile designer of theirs, can start getting with the program.  May-jah moment goes to the incomparable Pat McGrath and the makeup team.

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Adut Akech
Adut Akech

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Liya Kebede
Liya Kebede

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Alek Wek
Alek Wek

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Ajak Deng
Ajak Deng

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Annibelis Baez
Annibelis Baez

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Eftagine Fevilien
Eftagine Fevilien

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Duckie Thot
Duckie Thot

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Blesnya Minher
Blesnya Minher

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Anyelina Rosa
Anyelina Rosa

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Lineisy Montero
Lineisy Montero

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Licett Morillo
Licett Morillo

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Hannah Shakespeare
Hannah Shakespeare

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Grace Bol
Grace Bol

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Fatou Jobe
Fatou Jobe

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Hiandra Martinez
Hiandra Martinez

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Janaye Furman
Janaye Furman

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Judy Kinuthia
Judy Kinuthia

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Karly Loyce
Karly Loyce

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Licett Morillo
Licett Morillo

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Lineisy Montero

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Litza Veloza
Litza Veloza

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Mayowa Nicholas
Mayowa Nicholas

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Naomi Chin Wing
Naomi Chin Wing

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Nicole Atieno
Nicole Atieno

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Nyara Aboja
Nyara Aboja

See Also

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Sabah Koj
Sabah Koj

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Sana Diouf
Sana Diouf

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Selena Forrest
Selena Forrest

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Shanelle Nyasiase
Shanelle Nyasiase

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Sompa Antonio
Sompa Antonio

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Tami Williams
Tami Williams

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_Ugbad Abdi
Ugbad Abdi

SPRING 2019 COUTURE Valentino_naomi campbell
Naomi Campbell

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