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Behind The Scenes Summer Fashion Photo Shoot

Behind The Scenes Summer Fashion Photo Shoot

Here’s a look behind the scenes at the recent photo shoot for summer fashion I was lucky to be a part of. The amazing T.Harrison Hillman shot the looks which we will be posting in its own spread later this week, so come back for that. Patric Chauvez with the golden eye picking out some amazing pieces from Ikram, Blake, Neiman Marcus. Alx Galasinao who’s an Emmy award winning Hair and makeup specialist was on hand for hair. Naomi Ward on makeup. Ashley Gregory, rocked out the nails, her star is quickly rising. James Foster who I am lucky to have on team SociaLifeChicago filmed the behind the scenes video. Our intern Raya Sacco and myself assisted with the shoot.

You never realize how intense fashion shoots are until you are on set for it. It’s definitely more than just smile, click and shoot. Lucky to have been able to be in the presence of these professionals and can’t wait to share the final product but until then, enjoy this.

Behind The Scenes of Summer Fashion Shoot from SociaLife Chicago on Vimeo.

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