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When Tinder Met LinkedIn Result is The League

When Tinder Met LinkedIn Result is The League

Remember our post on how you should polish up your LinkedIn profile if you want to get a better pool of dating candidates, well it seems someone is making a business out of it and you may want to pay attention.
“You’re smart, good-looking & successful. You don’t need a dating app to get a date – you’re too popular as it is.”
The league

Are you sick and tired of swiping left more than right? Do you think you deserve the best when it comes to your pool of dating prospects? Are you a discerning dater looking for someone on the same level? Well the League might be for you.
The League is a new dating app brought to you “by people who hate dating apps” and it promises no voyeurs, no games, no shame, no fakes and no randoms. SIGN. ME. UP!
the league

There’s a waitlist, so if you want to be part of their alpha(beta is sooo for commoners) group and want them to prioritize Chicago, head on over and download the app. CLICK HERE

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