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Osea and SunLife Organics Launch Sea Glow smoothie

Osea and SunLife Organics Launch Sea Glow smoothie

Move over celebrity smoothie collabs and come sip on a beauty brand’s latest collab with this foremost OG juice bar. Ocean-positive, seaweed beauty brand, OSEA (Ocean. Sun. Earth. Atmosphere.), and the original “it” juice bar, SunLife Organics just launched a new Sea Glow Smoothie. The new Sea Glow smoothie is an ocean-inspired blend packed with nutritious superfoods like aloe vera and blue spirulina to help glow from the inside out.

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SunLife Organics founded in California in 2011 and has attracted wellness obsessed celebs like Liam Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin, Orlando Bloom, Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, Justine Skye, and Bella Hadid who noted through #tbt pics it was her first job, has since expanded its footprint beyond the CA and you can get a taste. The OSEA x SunLife Organics Sea Glow Smoothie collaboration will also be available to residents and visitors across six states including California, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Nevada. Fun fact: in its debut weekend, the smoothie broke sales records in Austin, where OSEA’s Sea Glow Smoothie rose to the #1 best seller – a record never seen by SunLife.

So what superfoods and ingredients are in the Sea Glow Smoothie you ask?
Passion Fruit
Coconut Sorbet, Butter, and Whip
Manna Ocean
Aloe Vera
Blue Majik
Himalayan Pink Salt
Maple Syrup
SunLife Hydration & Beauty Powder
Pineapple Juice
Almond Milk
Blue Spirulina and Coconut Cream Drizzle

For those in Chicago looking to get a taste of the Sea Glow smoothie, head to the SunLife Organics (333 N. Green Street Chicago) located in the Fulton Market neighborhood.

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