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Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, a William Grants & Sons product, made its stateside debut in Chicago last night (March 27). The party was held at The Bedford (the former bank vault turned restaurant/bar). The vibe of the party was really chill but fun with a good mix of guests such as: Demar Hamilton, Ernest Wilkins(Redeye), Andrew Barber (Fakeshoredrive), Brian and Autumn Merritt (Sir & Madame), Amanda Puck (XAPR), Jenny Berg ( BizBash), JC Steinbrunner(Artist), Marc Moran(RSVP Gallery) embraced the mischief of the Monkey Shoulder cocktails and food by The Bedford.

The two contortion artists entertaining guests were amazing! I was so inspired by their flexibility that I went home and started stretching-ha!not really.

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Monkey Shoulder is named after the  repetitive strain injury suffered by the malt men, nicknamed malt monkeys, after a day of turning barley. Monkey Shoulder is a carefully crafted combination of three premier Speyside malts, and balances soft notes of rich toffee with a smooth vanilla flavor. I’m not a brown liquor drinker but Monkey Shoulder mixes very well. I had three strong cocktails(I’m a lightweight drinker) and woke up  fine this morning.

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