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Mark Allen Best Dressed on The Scene Winner

Mark Allen Best Dressed on The Scene Winner

mark allen winner best dressed on the scene

Late last week, our site was indirectly attacked by  malware which rendered socialifechicago on google’s bad list(never a good thing) for a short period of time. In order to correct the issue, one of the things we had to do was to back up our server to a previous date which in essence erased some of the posts we made the week of February 3-7. One of the things that was also erased was our Best Dressed on The Scene Post from February 3.
The contenders were: Mark Allen, Aleksandra Efimova, Brian Rojanasumaphong, KImberly Palmisano, Victoria Friedman, James Glenn, Emily Vietoris, Katarina Visnevska & Martin Horner. Out of the 664 votes that was submitted Mark Allen won with a 31%. Congrats Mark and thanks to all for reading and voting

Best dressed on the scene winner poll 2-9

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