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Instagram Famous Model Shudu Gram Is Actually Computer Generated

Instagram Famous Model Shudu Gram Is Actually Computer Generated

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shudu gram fenty beauty

Shudu Gram is a beautiful dark skinned model with over 48,000 instagram followers and counting but try as you may, you won’t find her walking the catwalks of New York, London, Milan, Australia, Miami or even Paris fashion week. That’s because Shudu Gram is  a CGI creation of 28-year-old British photographer Cameron-James Wilson. The “model” dubbed the ‘World’s First Digital Supermodel’ went viral when a photo of her wearing an orange colored Fenty beauty lipstick was reposted by the brand.

Shudu’s creator, Wilson said that “he has always enjoyed drawing women and that Shudu initially began as a creative project without any ‘purpose.'” Wilson said the model is an embodiment of all of his passions; The point is really that I’m doing something I love. The news has not come with its own share of backlash with some opposing to the fact the the creator is white profiting off a dark “model.

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