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Get The Look Gatsby Beauty Inspiration

Get The Look Gatsby Beauty Inspiration

Ever had a major gala or fundraiser or a big reception with potential clients to attend and you have the perfect dress, shoes and accesories but no clue what to do when it comes to your makeup?  Enter Goldplaited. A finishing salon in Lakeview founded by sisters Mal and Corinna. The chic salon, offers the beauty finishing touch so you can look camera ready. We recently visited the salon for our video series called ‘Get The Look’  where Emily and Marisol showed us how to get a Gastby inspired makeup look and hair.

Lauren Model_Gatsby look socialifechicago

Model: Lauren
Makeup Artist: Emily Wolf
Hair: Marisol
Location: GoldPlaited (2803 N. Sheffield Ave)
Video: James Foster
Host: Bolaji Sosan

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