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Friday Link Out

Friday Link Out

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I’m not sure why I stopped the feature because it’s one of my favorites. Its my way of sharing the things I read online that could not make it into the daily Hotness In The News or on the website but still worth a read. Here’s a roundup the stories I read this past week and loved; Let’s get into this week’s Friday Link Out.


WeWorks Are About As Horny As You’d Expect [GQ]

9 Juicy Details From the Times’ Deep Dive Into the Murdoch Family and Fox News [NY MAG]

Naomi Campbell’s efforts to put Africa on the map of many decision makers especially those in fashion has been amazing. She was  was one of the key speakers alongside Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri at this year’s Condé Nast International conference, she shares her thoughts on Africa and luxury.
Naomi Campbell On The Power Of African Talent To Sweep Racism Off The Runway

An Instagrammer who had her account deleted has cried her eyes out, where else on social media lamenting that she can’t work a 9-5 and at only
Instagram Influencer Reports Deleted Account to Police [JEZEBEL]

Au Cheval has landed in NYC and now our East Coast cousins will enjoy what we have and often times wait one hour for.
A Famous Chicago Burger Comes to New York [NEW YORKER]

If you need some mix in your instagram timeline and not already following these people, consider adding them.
13 Essential Celebrities to Follow on Instagram, According to Vogue Editors [VOGUE]

We can never predict when love will find you or where you will find love but this gives us hope.
I Met Him In An UberPOOL & Now We’re Married! [XONECOLE]

The sign that you’ve attained wealthy, not rich status is when you buy multi thousand to million dollar home overseas. With the boom in Hong Kong, the market is ripe but what can $1M get you?
In Hong Kong, $1.2 Million Will Only Buy You an Average Home [BLOOMBERG]


Is it cultural appropriation or poor choice of words? A NYC restaurant owner Arielle Haspel, is apologizing after opening her restaurant this week which she/marketing team dubbed “clean” Chinese-American food.
Lucky Lee’s Owner Apologizes for Not Being ‘Smarter About Cultural Sensitivities’ [EATER]

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Bozoma Saint John has emerged as one of the formidable forces in business and a mentor in my head to many ambitious women (and men) that want to infuse their truths into their work. She is just one of the few female power women profiled along with next gen pioneers.
“Who’s the Next You?” Our Favorite Women Leaders Answer [ROBB REPORT]


Vogue has finally given Kim Kardashian West her very own solo cover. With that she was given the 73 Questions where she invited them into her Calabassas home.
73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West [VOGUE YOUTUBE]

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