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Favorite Houseware Products We Saw At The Inspired Home Show 2024

Favorite Houseware Products We Saw At The Inspired Home Show 2024

The 2024 edition of the International Homewares Association’s Inspired Home Show (previously called the International Housewares Show) which took place in Chicago’s McCormick Place March 17-19 is now wrapped.  The annual home goods showcase of some of your favorite widely known and niche household brands had over  1,700 exhibitors. Over the course of three days, kitchenware, homeware, drink ware and all brands catering to that vertical welcomed buyers, trade and members of media to talk about what’s new, hot and what’s coming soon. I had a chance to walk the show floors and I am here to share some of the more exciting things I saw from the different brands. If you regaularly shop for homewares at William Sonoma, Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel, Burlington, Amazon, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Wayfair and the likes you’ll want to keep reading. In no particular order here are my favorite’s from the International Homewares Association’s The Inspired Home Show 2024.


Let’s be honest there’s nothing exciting about garbage cans right? It’s the trash receptacle after all. Open, line, throw trash, empty, repeat. But how can you make it an experience if you’re Simple Human? You add a few technological touches like the newly launched Simple Human sensor cans with motion and voice sensors that also comes with odorsorb pods that’s meant to prevent trash from smelling, not neutralizing it. When you say “open can” it opens and same to close it; the other cool thing about the Simple Human sensor can is that when it opens, there’s a blue light that comes on that keeps the can open until you move from its purview then it closes. The smaller version of the 58L sensor cans will be launching soon by Q2.


This had to be one of the largest activations in the whole show and for good reason, Cuisinart had A LOT of fun things to show. I’m familiar with and a fan of the brand but I didn’t know what to expect. I was able to chat with a rep from the brand on what’s new, hot and more. Cuisinart had chefs on had making everything from pizza in their new (CPZ-120) indoor pizza oven, that can cook authentic Neapolitan pizza and reach up to 700°F, to blondies and more. Coffee and espresso machines were plentiful with the explosion of home baristas and still surging demand for cold coffee. Cuisinart is introducing the 4-in-1 coffee maker that can make you a cold coffee to your liking;  additionally they had some fun items that are coming soon. Cuisinart’s collaboration with dinnerware brand Caskata known for their fine handprinted designs. Cuisinart is testing a new motif on other houseware products joining the Lucy kettle, dutch oven and lobster pot already released. A welcome piece of nostalgia at the Cuisinart station was the 50th Anniversary sepia colored food processor that I could’ve sworn my mom owned at some point in time. For the consumer into an aestitic kitchen space, they have the Cuisinart Soho collection.


A home laser device you say? Yes its been FDA cleared and now you can get the innovative solution done in the comfort of your home. Epilaser is the first precise laser for hair removal based on four diode lasers with a 808nm wavelength for I-IV Fitzpatrick scale skin type and 980nm wavelength for V-VI Fitzpatrick’s skin types. “Get professional full body hair removal at home with the first FDA cleared diode smart laser. Use 2 to 3 times a week to see results in as little as 90 days.” Coming Soon April 2024.


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Are you an amateur in the kitchen or you think you could be Daniel Boulud’s sous chef? Wherever you fall in the spectrum, one thing we can all agree on is using the right cookware has a large impact on the final result. Shame to say that I was not too familiar with the brand Fissler prior but I am a HUGE fan now. The German made cookware had on display a range of items like their fancy pressure cookers, stainless steel pans and pots with its patented CookStar® base for optimal heat distribution, no PFAs nonstick cookware, and soon to be released dutch oven cookware range enameled in France. Many of their cookware have one very detailed but clutch, hand over their competitors feature and that is a pouring rim. If you’ve ever tried to pour something out of a saucepan or pot and have it spill all over the side of the pot, the thinkers at Fissler worked a solution, the pots and pans feature wide pouring rims “for convenient and precise pouring of liquids without spills.”


Made By Gather

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Can you say vibe giver? If there was a top 3 booth awards from the Inspired Home Show 2024, I’m sure they would get top spot. The team had on coordinated outfits down to the shoes, there was a videographer on hand capturing all the details that was quickly deposited to social media, they had aesthetically pleasing products, a DJ and drinks, what was not to love? The company that’s also behind Drew Barrymore’s successful homeware and now furniture line, Beautiful by Drew, CRUX, also relaunched their beloved flagship kitchenware brand Bella, “bringing functionally-aesthetic kitchenware and delightful innovation to the masses. hero assortment is the Fits-anywhere kitchenware™ system – a fresh take on kitchenware that brings high design and performance to every space. The new line will launch this Fall in-stores and online across most mass retailers.” The long slim toaster, foldable grill that looks like a book end, flip waffle maker, flip over blender all in the color way Oatmilk will definitely elevate any home. They had two adjacent bella® cubes featuring storytelling of how the products will come to life for consumers in the form of a small NYC studio and a small size kitchen.



If you love to make your own juicing recipes in the comfort of your home, you may want to consider investing in a Kuvings Whole Slow juicer. They demoed a new model, REV0830, at the Inspired Home Show that makes for a seamless juicing experience. You insert your whole fruit or veggie and watch it pulverize out maximum juice, squeezing its pulp on the side while maintaining freshness and reducing oxidation. The new Kuvings juicer also boasts a wider flip gate and dual feed chute for all your fruits and veg.


Le Creuset

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You can’t attend the The Inspired Home Show and not stop by the Le Creuset section. Not only is it stocked with their colorful Made in France signature enameled cast iron cookwares as well as accessories, its usually where they announce a new colorway. This year, coming soon to consumers will be the brand color way ████████. I was told this color way has been 5 years in the making and it will launch in April. Le Creuset is also introducing its first outdoor collection of cookware. The Alpine Collection consists of 5 (nestable) enameled cast iron pans and that is available now but coming in Q2 (April/May) is one I feel will fly off the shelves and that’s the Le Creuset ████████.



The kitchen and cookware brand targeted to the hispanic consumer is pronounced ee-mu-sah. Though They are also offering ceramic products in a few different colorways and speckles.
One of the best selling items on their website according to the rep on site, is the Puerto Rico flag accented caldero pot that can be found here on Amazon. Coming soon is the Talavera motif on their cookware. The Talavera which is a traditional Mexican pattern and imusa has partnered with an indigene artist to showcase the patter on several pieces. A new tortilla press with a gold brass like finish turns taco night upscale.


How do you show potential buyers and members of the media how your product works? You serve them with it obviously and Fortessa’s utilization of their fine glassware to serve guests drinks at the Inspired Home Show was brilliant. I’ve always been a fan of the brand and the great thing is for whatever price point you may be working with, you can own something from their brand portfolio. Their colored jupiter line has been a big hit with buyers at the show. Though Fortessa is known for their glassware, most of which is hand blown German made, they also sell silverware and Melanie dishware. One of the newer items from portfolio brand Zwiesel is the Marlène range a “high-quality gourmet glass series made from brilliant crystal glass” in White, champagne and whiskey glass. Also coming soon from Zwiesel is the very light Duo range featuring a machine made bowl and hand drawn stem. Fortessa rounded out their offering with items from the Crafthouse (Charles Joly’s) line including the jumbo cocktail shaker which would be a hit at any party.



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Even though this was a buyer, insider trade show, imagine being able to advertise your products in such an aesthetic way that the buyer immediately knows/sees the consumer that would buy the product. That’s how the Ciarra booth was formatted. Aesthetically pleasing and functional cookware. The portable induction cooktop was one of the highlights of their offerings in a variety of color ways. They also had their portable mini desktop range hood, air fryer oven that can bake cookies and self clean and colorful cookware.


Blok Board

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When you have to prop your phone up to get a recipe for the meal/dish you are cooking while you chop away, may be one of the more frustrating part of cooking and one brand wants to help. Blok’s smart cutting board comes with a display and its waterproof.



See Also

You may have been the type to poo poo the idea of an air purifier especially pre pandemic or if you had no existential need for it, and I will raise my hand and say yes I was one of those but then pandemic happened and I had a baby and he would react to the slightest change in the air talk less of when sweeping or frying plantain, so now we believe in it. Bannockburn based Winnix which develops, produces, and supplies sustainable and innovative solutions for air treatment for your home and office, has been in the business for 50 years now and their latest product line was a hit. The Winix T810 which is on the market now, was given a Reviewed award at the show. In demonstrating it, Henrique from the brand was able to show how the machine picks up on presence of dust and how it takes care of it. If this sort of thing excites you I can’t recommend the Winix line of products enough.


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The brand wowed buyers and media with their countertop sized sphere ice maker perfect for home entertaining.


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There’s a joke going around social media along the lines of I wouldn’t announce if I won a big lottery jackpot, but there will be signs, oh there will be signs. If you had a Berkel meat slicer in your palatial Martyn Bullard designed kitchen, and invited me over, yea I would know and your secret would be safe with me but I’ll share pics of the meat slicer. If you want to bring the “ouuu” and “ahhhh” inducing effect into your home by slicing your own Jamón ibérico or prosciutto the Berkel at Home is your go to. Pricey yes but if you’re already buoyant, its a worthy investment.


Photo courtesy: Fireupcookware

There’s been a surge in use and sale of dutch oven cookware outside of the 2-3 major mainstays in that category, maybe thanks to more food bloggers or the rise of caution against PFAs in cookware. Either way there was a solid amount of brands showing their dutch oven cookware offerings and one I found to be quite eye catching was from UK brand Fireupcookware. The design is different in that it has fins, a patented design cooked up by a company’s founder who partnered with his professor at Oxford. The eye catching blue colorway was what brought me in and they are launching several other colors soon.



Photo courtesy: Jura

When the conversation turns to high end coffee/espresso maker and the brand Jura is not mentioned, don’t believe it. The Swiss developed/made brand known for its world class espresso machine wowed attendees with the J8 Twin. This machine can brew a perfect cup of espresso with sweet foam by way of the syrup pod attachment and it was good. The J8 twin from JURA comes equipped with two high-performance conical grinders. Combining two coffee machines in one, this machine offers the best of both worlds.


Haden UK

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The Haden booth along with its sister brands, was fashioned almost like a country tea shop with hints of color. The UK brand known for their home ware appliances showcased a wide rang of products one currently on the US market and some coming soon. The Haden x Anthropolgie toaster and kettle exclusive collaboration was featured with hints at an extension of the collab coming soon. Coffee machines, espresso makers, kettles and blenders were also showcased. The brand collaborated with the Smiley brand which has been performing well across the pond and there are few more pieces to come from the collaboration. Haden launched in the US in 2020, so they are making an aggressive push for the US consumer that loves well made and designed homeware with class.


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