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Fashion-Themed Wall Art To Elevate A Stylish Home

Fashion-Themed Wall Art To Elevate A Stylish Home

It’s finally feeling like spring and that means time to spruce up your home and refresh your walls. Whether you’re living in renting in a studio/1 bdr apartment, 1 bedroom condo or sharing a home, you shouldn’t have to pinch pennies on your home decor update due to budget constraints. There’s been research findings that says “Light and color have a definite impact on people’s emotional response,” and makes a home feel better to their occupants. For our fashion loving readers, we’ve curated some fabulous fashion focused wall art that you can add to your home decor to really elevate its stylish quota and spruce it up for spring.

Eyelash Petals Girl II Canvas Wall Art Buy here


Audrey Hepburn. “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” 1961. Photo by Bud Fraker | Buy Here


Frenchie & Bubbly Canvas Wall Art | Buy Here


Vogue Posters – Chanel – Set Of 6 Art Prints | Buy Here


Fashionistas by iCanvas | Buy here

‘Head & Heels’ Canvas Wall Art by Oliver Gal | Buy Here


Vintage Vogue Magazine Cover Of A Woman Eduardo Garcia Benito | Buy here


Parisian Glam | Buy Here


Fashion illustration of diverse women | Buy here


Frida by Oleksandr Balbyshev Giclée Print Canvas Art | Buy Here


Featured image credit: Architectural digest

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