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Duck Inn Splits From Billy Dec’s Rockit Ranch

Duck Inn Splits From Billy Dec’s Rockit Ranch

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photo credit: Lara Kastner
photo credit: Lara Kastner

Rockit Ranch Productions and Chef Kevin Hickey have made a mutual decision to separate and Hickey will now be the independent operator of Bridgeport’s Duck Inn. Duck Inn opened back in 2014 after Hickey’s 20 years as chef for The Four Seasons Chicago.  

From the desk of Kevin Hickey on 9/29

“In October, The Duck Inn will become independent. I will operate the restaurant as my own and I will focus my time and energy on my two families: my wife & son, and The Duck Inn. My partner, and Barman, Brandon Phillips continues to and will always be, an integral part of The Duck Inn.

Rockit Ranch Productions and I have made the mutual decision to separate so that we can focus our energies on what we each do best. The partnership has been an honor and a privilege. We have learned, grown and been challenged. We know our friendship will carry on and we will always be there to support and enjoy in each other’s successes, as I am confident there will be many.

So many decisions in life are about time and place. As always, Billy Dec and Brad Young of Rockit Ranch Production had impeccable timing. Billy approached me as I was looking to become an independent operator after many years with the Four Seasons. I am grateful for Billy and Brad’s talents that helped to get me there. I wish them much success with all of Rockit Ranch Production’s endeavors, especially the upcoming expansion of SUNDA, starting in Nashville. I am happy that we will depart this formal business relationship as friends.

As for my focus now, my center of gravity is Bridgeport. My family lives down the street from the restaurant. My son busses tables there. I want to do more to raise the profile of this South side community. To do so, I need to be present.

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At the same time, the team and I have plans to take The Duck Inn to new heights. I am excited to share an exciting announcement about The Duck Inn brand in the coming months.”

featured image credit: Marc Much

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