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Congratulations to Jeanne Gang the Principal architect of the  groundbreaking Aqua Condominums and her team at Studio gang on being named one of the recipients of the 2011 MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant. MacArthur fellow!!!!

From MacArthur Foundation website:

Jeanne Gang is an architect challenging the aesthetic and technical possibilities of the art form in a wide range of structures. Always responsive to the specific geography, social and environmental context, and purpose of each project, Gang creates bold yet functional forms for residential, educational, and commercial buildings. Her most highly acclaimed building, Aqua (2010), is an 82-story, mixed-use skyscraper in Chicago. The undulating contours of Aqua’s balconies infuse the familiar high-rise profile with an unusual optical poetry; at the same time, energy-efficient features such as heat-resistant and fritted glass, rainwater collection systems, and energy-saving lighting systems address environmental concerns on a large scale. Gang’s mastery of the balance between novelty and urban practicality is also evident in the Media Production Center (2010) for Columbia College of Chicago, an imaginative fusion of found material, engineering, and structural economy that reflects the avant-garde nature of the school’s work in film, television, and interactive media. Her design for the in-progress Ford Calumet Environmental Center, a 27,000-square-foot resource center on an industrial site south of Chicago, includes salvaged materials from the surrounding area and incorporates advanced systems in heating, cooling, and water reclamation. International projects, such as a major residential complex in Hyderabad, India, that makes use of traditional Indian building methods and materials, further demonstrate Gang’s integrative approach to contemporary building. An emerging talent with a diverse and growing body of work, Gang is setting a new industry standard through her effective synthesis of conventional materials, striking composition, and ecologically sustainable technology.

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