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Cocktail Spotlight: G&O

Cocktail Spotlight: G&O


G&O which stands for Grand & Ogden, also happens to be where the cocktail focus bar is located. This new spot from Christopher Mitchell and Turan Yon the owners of Aberdeen Tap is more cocktail
Located in a converted gas station with the garage door still intact, G&O has a chill feel but with good, reasonably priced drinks.
General manager and beverage director Steve Cox and some of his creations at G & O. Located at the intersection of Grand and Ogden in Chicago.
General Manager and Beverage director  Steve Cox made some of the cocktails on the menu which included the East Sider which is gin based, The Zany Neighbor and the classic Boulevadier garnished with thyme.
The bourbon based boulevadier was just the right combo of bourbon to sweet vermouth and the brined cherry tomatoes  did not overpower the drink.


G&O Steve Cox







G&O East Sider


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G&O also has a patio so you can soak up the sun while sipping. Their food menu is also good, especially the fries dipped in the house made sriracha aioli.

They will launch their brunch menu Saturday May 10.
G & O Chicago bar and grill

G&O is located at 459 N. Ogden Avenue 312.288.3367

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