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Chef Graham Elliot drops 56lbs

Chef Graham Elliot drops 56lbs

Chicago Chef Graham Elliott, among his many roles and projects in the culinary industry including MasterChef judge,  was in charge of curating the mouth watering dining selections at this past weekend’s sold out Lollapalooza Chow Town as the Culinary Director but you won’t find him indulging in those eats. Chef Graham Elliot was celebrating another victory of his own. Via People Magazine,  he revealed(tweeted) he recently had his first post sleeve gastrectomy surgery appointment and he’s lost 56lbs so far. Congrats to Chef Graham!

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According to PEOPLE Magzine:

“I started [weighing] 396 and I’m now at 340. That’s even better than expected,” “I feel amazing. I have a lot more energy,” he adds. “I’m able to play tag with my 6-year-old son, [Mylo]. He said, ‘You’re way faster than you were.’ He’s so excited.” The chef, who stands 6’1″, admits that slimming down hasn’t come easy. “The hardest part is relearning how to eat,” he admits. “And temptation is still hard for me. If friends are eating fast food or baking fresh chocolate chip cookies, it’s difficult not to grab even a tiny piece. Mentally, I’ve got to start thinking of that stuff as the enemy.”

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