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Best Places To Groom Your Brows In Chicagoland

Best Places To Groom Your Brows In Chicagoland

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eyebrow lady trump speech By now you’ve probably seen the unfortunate eyebrows (above) on the lady that stood behind President Trump during a recent press conference. To be honest whatever he was saying was lost in translation because all one could focus on was the horrible, terrible, very bad eyebrows that lady was rocking, WHATARETHOOOOOSE! To make sure you don’t become the butt of all eyebrow jokes and the next meme candidate, we are bringing you these eyebrow artists in the Chicagoland area that will slay the hell out your brows and make sure you don’t come out looking like press conference lady.   beyonce fierce   Listen, the moment you walk in a room you are initially judged by a few things: what you’re wearing, how you smell, your shoes and your eyebrows. Its not about being on fleek or whatever the internet had on saying in 2016 but rather being not sh!t. To make sure you gain the most from your appointment, bring in a few eyebrow inspirations to discuss with your brow specialist oh and Jamaican black castor oil is your friend.

Courtney Allen  @powderandglory Courtney+Allen,+brow+specialist

She really is the and that’s why Allure magazine recognized her as a beauty waxing-expert in Chicago. One of our favourite makeup artist Shannon O’Brien relies on Allen for her envious arches and once you get a taste you’ll wonder what you did before her.


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Susan Lugo @susanlugobrows susan lugo brows_slc

Elmhurst might seem like a hike especially if you’re a no car having, lives right smack dab in the city type but let me tell you it’s worth the trek. If you’ve ever envied Kim Kardashian or Solange Knowles esque eyebrows, this is where to get it. Not enough eyebrow hair to get that full look, no worries trust Susan Lugo to make sure you walk out fierce as ever!  

Audrina Bigos_eyebrows susan lugo susan lugo brows_chicago best

Maggie Egan @Maggie_eyebrows maggie egan eyebrows chicago

Maggie Egan’s been in this eyebrow game for a min and she’s putting together a team of other badass ladies sculpting fierce ‘brows. One thing, you might have to wait a while for an appointment unless you know somebody that knows somebody but its also worth the wait. The studio is located in the gold coast area (inside Phenix salon suites). Whether you’re looking for a Lily Collins, Kerry Washington or Soo Joo Park inspired brows, Maggie Eyebrows is your gal.  


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