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5 Floral Shirts For Guys To Wear This Summer

5 Floral Shirts For Guys To Wear This Summer

Floral shirts should not only be reserved for the ladies to enjoy and it definitely does not have to conjure up hideous hawaiian print nightmares. For summer mix up your wardrobe selections from the plain polo shirts, button downs and pair a solid colored bottom with a printed shirt, you will stand out from the fray, in a good way obviously.

MSGM Cotton Shirt
MSGM Cotton shirt

The multi-colored roses and daises print is vibrant, yet daring. The pinkish color of the flowers is perfect combined with beige chinos, dark-washed skinny jeans, or even a pair of navy blue slacks.  It is a look that is at once casual and elegant.

Monitaly Vacation Short-Sleeve Shirt

Monitaly 80's Floral Vacation Short-Sleeve Shirt

J-Crew Floral Shirt
Give your stripes and solids a day off and incorporate this mini-floral into your rotation. Short sleeves are the easiest way to stay cool. Pair this bold navy blue floral print shirt with khaki chinos and traditional oxfords for a modern, traditional look.


Warm and cool colors collaborate, producing the ultimate floral print button-down. The warm orange and red flowers blend well against the navy background and big hints of tropical green trees. Keep it casual with black Zanerobe pants and suede brogues.


Acne Studios

Acne Studios created an entirely new concept for the floral shirt. Rich in design, texture, and color, this shirt is sure to turn heads. Team it up with tailored cropped trousers (fold at the bottom) and a bomber jacket.

Gitman Bros

gitman brs vintage short

MSGM Floral // J. Crew Chambray // ACNE Studios Printed shirt // Gitman Bros Shirt

~Raya Sacco

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