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10 Alternatives to Square Toe Shoes

10 Alternatives to Square Toe Shoes


In 2016, I can’t seem to figure out for the life of me why guys still feel the need to wear square toe shoes. The only logical reasoning for still wearing square toe shoes are: 1) you were time traveling and just got back. 2) your entire residence went up in flames and the only thing that survived were your square toe shoes 3) You need a fashion guidance counselor. If you fall under reason 3, come in closer for a hug because you’ve probably been curved one too many times at the sight of your shoes.
No matter the reason, we are here to tell you there’s plethora of shoe options that will take you from ew to zaddy. The traits of a decrepit square toe shoes: bad leather, you can map a 90 degree angle on the front and it looks like a platypus’ mouth. Below are 10 alternatives to the square toe shoes and please get them asap.


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