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What Are Your Dating Dealbreakers?

What Are Your Dating Dealbreakers?

Dealbreaker: ‘the catch’ that a particular individual cannot overlook and ultimately outweighs any redeeming quality the individual may possess.

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As we wade through the dating cesspool (or lack thereof for some of us), we all have our lists of likes/dislikes, wants from a potential partner. Whether you’re looking for the quintessential 6’4 tall tanned or dark and handsome man or it’s 5’7 tall skinny with athletic build woman with all the fixins. The thing is, those people are exceptions to the rule and probably exist in neverland. The average dater most times will take what they can get, especially as you begin to climb up in age. The list you made when you were 25 may look a bit different now that you are 30 and still single.
This led me to the question what are your dealbreakers? It seems when you are in your early to mid twenties, your dating priorities are generally different from someone in their mid to late twenties, 30s or 40s.


Not speaking for the entire early to mid twenties average single person, but most times dating at that age is very superfluous. You tend to overlook certain characteristics like ambition, goal oriented, because things are fun at that age and you’re not really thinking about the person to as a future long term partner.

Once you move to mid to late 20s you begin to start taking your life and those your surround yourself with a bit more seriously. When a group of late 20s single Chicago gentlemen were asked what their dealbreakers were, it ranged from: them not wanting a smoker to someone that stays competitive, talking about cheating past or past relationship, someone that doesn’t drink or smoke marijuana(occassionally) judging them.

Another gentlemen mentioned a dealbreaker is someone that’s crazy to which a story that involved yawning, the right brain, empathy, and being called a sociopath.

I never had a list but as I begin to think hard about my future and future long term partner, my deal breakers seem tame, I think. Dealbreakers for me is someone that already has kids, someone with lack of ambition, shorter than me (I’m 5’2″), really terrible teeth, does not speak another language.


What are your dealbreakers?

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