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Tom Hiddleston Is Steamy In New TV Series Night Manager

Tom Hiddleston Is Steamy In New TV Series Night Manager

Now that Downtown Abbey has bid us a fine farewell, we’ve been trying to find a British series fix to get into and we may have just found it in Night Manager, the six-part BBC spy thriller mini-series starring Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Elizabeth Debicki, Olivia Colman, Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander and Richard Onslow.

The Night Manager-cast-getty portrait

Hiddleston, aka Loki from The Avengers plays Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier who is recruited to infiltrate the inner circle of businessman Richard Onslow Roper played by Hugh Laurie. It’s adapted from a John le Carré novel and directed by Academy Award winner Susanne Bier, though it won’t air Stateside until April 19, it’s already 4 episodes down in Britain and in talks for a second season.  


Below is a steamy scene to from an episode that aired on BBC yesterday to whet your appetite. Not sure what led up to this moment or what’s going on but guarantee come April 19, we will find out.

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