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As told by a SociaLifeChicago reader who shared her story.

Welcome 2014… I think?

As I begin the New Year, I have had plenty of time to reflect and open up wounds that I thought the last bottle of wine mended. Turns out, those wounds were never really heeled just topically treated with vino Neosporin.

So, as I begin this New Year- single(thankfully); I would like to take time to reflect on how I got to this point where I am thankful for being solo.

2013. We spent the year as a couple, it was bliss. We would have brunch at our favorite spots, enjoy tandem workouts at East Bank followed up with dinner out with friends at any trendy restaurant in river north. I was “in love” and ready to take on whatever came our way.

Without warning, the 29 bus came my way. It hit me, dragged me all the way to the 95th Red Line Station with no apologies. What really happened was I got dumped over the process of weeks, not in a day but weeks!

I understand falling out of love with someone is a process that culminates over time. The dreaded “This isn’t working for me” came and I was completely unprepared because I thought everything was working. I had chosen to move 400 miles away from my home to continue the blissful journey and make a life away from everything I had known, and now for what? All I have to show for a two year learning lesson? A worn in North Face shirt I refuse to give back because it fits me so well. I can honestly say 6 months removed from the situation I am over it; he has moved on to the stereotypical younger blonde, and I have been left with a gift I couldn’t be more grateful for…FREEDOM.
I now no longer have to play a game with any one and I am free to be me and figure out who in the hell “me” is. I am free to date as many people as possible and decide if they are right for me not the other way around, I hadn’t quite grasped that concept, until the day I was dumped. So yes, I am thankful for that every day, I am thankful I can flirt with the strange guy that rides the red line in the morning, the coffee guy who thinks it is ironic how I spell me name(it’s with a Y not I!). There is something comforting in believing you are enough, and that going to bed alone is not a bad thing. I am not writing this not to dismiss those that are in relationships or the I love being “in love” types. Being able to be in charge of just me for a while is enough of a job. Besides I already work 80 hours week.

Share with us, have you had to uproot your life for a partner only to be faced with a breakup?

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