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Hotness In The News Wednesday May 14

Hotness In The News Wednesday May 14

Celebrity sightings, world news, fashion shows and local news all here.


♦ C.H.A.N.E.L – D.U.B.A.I

One of the highly anticipated fashion shows not happening in the fashion cities (London, NYC, Milan, Paris). King Karl upped the ante of the last Chanel fashion presentation (Dallas) for Dubai and it had in attendance actresses, models, singers and royal princesses. Saudi princess Deena al-Juhani Abdulaziz, Tilda Swinton, Dakota Fanning, Janelle Monae
Chanel cruise show in Dubai

Mideast Emirates Chanel Cruise Dubai Show
“The next step, the new reality,” he declaimed enthusiastically of Dubai. “This is something totally unexpected. You couldn’t imagine it fifty years ago.”

View complete runway show HERE

What fight?! Miranda Kerr the new face of Swarovski made an apperance amidst allegations that her billionaire boyfriend who scuffled with his best friend left his wife of 7 years to be with her.
Miranda Kerr Swarovski



♦ A Turkey Mine explosion has 205 confirmed dead with hundreds still trapped as a result of an electrical explosion. It’s being reported that 787 people were inside the coal mine in Soma, 155 miles south of Istanbul, at the time of the explosion and 363 of them had been rescued so far.

♦  Though snapchat declined Facebook’s offer for purchase, it’s rival Blink did no such thing when Marissa Mayer & Yahoo came calling.  “The messaging application is reportedly set to be shut down within the next few weeks, with its seven-person team subsequently expected to be absorbed by Yahoo.”

♦  According to Washington Post, the world’s oldest sperm “looks like angel hair pasta. It’s undeniably enormous. And it’s cocooned in bat poop.” A fossil cave discovered inside Australia’s Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site in northern Queensland actually contained soft tissue of an ancient muscle shrimp known as an ostracod. But it wasn’t just any soft tissue. It was perfectly preserved giant sperm, aged 17 million years.

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♦ JEAH!!!! #blackhawks Patrick Kane, in a winning shot in overtime sealed the deal and won game 6 advancing them to second-round Western Conference. “Kane scored on a backhand at 9:42 of the extra period to lift the Blackhawks to a 2-1 victory over the Wild.”

♦  Chicago area (Hoffman Estates) based SEARS is considering selling  its Canadian operations as part of a turnaround effort, AP reports. The retailer, which runs its namesake stores and Kmart locations, said that it is looking at strategic options for its 51 percent interest in Sears Canada


♦  Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher buy $10m mansion in gated Beverly Hills community as they prepare to welcome their first child together.
Mila Kunis_Ashton Kutcher_New Home

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