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The G8 Summit will be held here in Chicago May15-22, 2012 and you might be wondering “what does that mean for  me?”

The  G8 Summit is one of the  higher profile global events with dignitaries from all over the world. Besides the massive traffic congestion that will ensue and overwhelming security details for all the dignitaries that will be in town, there will be parties…lots of parties,lots of schmoozing. Mayor Emanuel is sure to host a few, the Foreign Ambassadors will host one and many civic and corporate leaders will be feteing these guests. If you were easily annoyed or put off by the Occupy Wall-street protesters, G8 summit protesters are on another level.  Chicago’s arm of Occupy Wall Street protesters will be joined by other protests groups some from other parts of the country even the world(ha! globe trotting protesters). The NATO summit-hosted by President Obama- will also be held concurrently that same week so really its going to be crazy in the city logistics wise.

You don’t have to be involved in politics or policy to apprecite the fact that the Summit is  being held here in Chicago(its an honor and the city needs all the positive publicity we can get).


Some facts of note:
The core Group of Eight nations are: United States, France,Germany,Canada,United Kingdom,Russia, Italy, Japan, European Union
The Purpose: to allow the heads of states of the world’s leading industrialized nations to convene and discuss global issues such as: energy, food security, health, terrorism and the environment.
Hot spots: Hilton Hotel downtown, Elysian Hotel, Chicago Cut Steakhouse, Spiaggia, Public Hotel & Pump room, private 60610/60605/60611/60615 residences, Foreign Consulates
Attire: Business Chic think Armani suits, Herrera,ODLR,Hugo Boss or Gucci suits, Ralph Lauren dresses,Ferragamo shoes.  Think Diana Taylor(Mayor Bloomberg’s lady), Eve Rogers(Graff Director) few examples.

As we get closer, I will be posting more info on the different dignitaries that will be in attendance. Mark you calendars

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