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Party in London: Let The Games Begin

THE OLYMPICS kicks off tonight with what is sure to be a spectacular showcase of all nations,(I will be stopping by the viewing at Rockit in Chicago tonight) NBC will have full coverage from now until closing ceremony make sure to check it out. [NBC OLYMPICS]

So obviously not everyone can be in fabulous London taking in all the Olympics fun, lets live vicariously through the Party list compiled by the DailyTruffle team [THE DAILY TRUFFLE]

Missed your opportunity to get Lollapalooza tickets? Sucks, but you could enter to win 3 day pass to the HardRock hotel Chicago for their  after Lolla fun, trust me  you want to be there [HARD ROCK CHICAGO]

I wish I could quit you SoYeahDuh, but alas I can’t so join in on the fun and have a Friday laugh or 5 [SOYEAHDUH]

*I am really excited about the Olympics because its the one time every 4 years that the world pays attention to sports outside of futbol(soccer) basketball/baseball.  I  might be one of the few people that cheers for these sports with the enthusiasm of the athletes. Diving is so intense, Swimming is going to be ah-mazing, the sprint track and field events? I.CANNOT.WAIT to watch! Gymnastics goes without saying. Tennis, Fencing, Field Hockey, Equestrian and Rowing. I am going to be in sports heaven.  Oh but wait I got rid of cable so I my productivity level at work will be at a slight minimal during these 2 weeks.  So proud of all the athletes that will be competing at this level representing their respective countries.  Lets tweet about it. follow me @socialife_chi

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**Pic via NBC

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