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Fall TV Must-Sees

Fall TV Must-Sees

#SummerSixteen is coming to a close. While that means we have to start mentally preparing for winter and saying goodbye to  boozy brunches on our favorite rooftops, it also means that the new fall TV schedule is about to start. With so many new shows and fan favorites coming out this fall, we’ve compiled a list of our must-sees to save you from endless scrolling. With a few of the fall lineup filming here in Chicago we can’t wait to catch some some chicago neighborhoods and landmark make the scene on screen.

If you’re like me, you and choosing not to pay for a full cable package, there are plenty of other ways you can tune in. Catch the shows below using services like Sling, Amazon, Hulu or even the free online streaming services each network has. Don’t forget to take advantage of free trials for sites like Netflix and HBO too.

So grab a drink, put on your fav sweatpants and check out some of the shows we can’t wait to watch this fall.



Channel: Fox
Premiere Date: September 21

Season 3 of Empire is set to premiere this fall and it being shot in Chi City is just one of the reasons we can’t wait to tune in (Cookie’s outfits and Terrence Howard’s presence are also at on that list). Season 3 is said to feature even more of the family drama, romance and fame that got us hooked on the show to begin with.


Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, Chicago Fire

Channel: NBC
Premiere Date: September 21, September 22 and October 11 (respectively)

If Empire isn’t enough of your Chicago tv show fix, don’t worry! Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and Chicago Fire are all returning to air this fall.


Rob & Chyna

Channel: E!
Premiere Date: September 11

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has become the guilty  (or not so guilty for reality tv lovers like myself) pleasure for so many people on Sunday nights. When it was announced that Rob & Chyna were getting their own show after all that had unfolded between them and the rest of the Kardashian klan, it was clear this was going to be one drama-filled train wreck worthy of our fall Sunday night slot.



Channel: FX
Premiere Date: September 6

Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino)(aka a pal of Chance the Rapper) is executive producer and main cast member of FX’s new show Atlanta. The show will follow two cousins that are working through the Atlanta music scene to make a better life for themselves.


The Good Place

Channel: NBC
Premiere Date: September 19

The Good Place is a new feel-good show coming to NBC this fall. It follows Eleanor Shellstrop’s (Kristen Bell) journey to the afterlife and her determination to figure out what makes a good person. Plus, it’s produced by the same guy as Parks & Rec (Michael Schur) and that alone makes it worth a watch.


Designated Survivor

Channel: ABC
Premiere Date: September 21

This one is for the political drama and suspense lovers out there. Designated Survivor follows Kiefer Sutherland’s character as he goes from a lower-level cabinet member to POTUS after a catastrophic attack in Washington.



See Also

Channel: HBO
Premiere Date: October 9

We’ve been in love with Sarah Jessica Parker for years, watching Sex and the City reruns too many times to count. This fall, SJP is coming back to TV (yay!) in her new HBO show Divorce, which is centered around a woman named Frances who decides she needs a clean break after a decade of marriage.



Channel: Fox
Premiere Date: September 22

With baseball season slowly coming to an end, Pitch will be the perfect show to fill your Cubs/Sox void. The show follows the story of a young pitcher, Ginny Baker, who becomes the first woman to play in the major leagues.


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Channel: Netflix
Premiere Date: November 25

The world has been waiting for almost ten years to see what would happen next in Stars Hollow. Who would Rory end up with? Would Luke and Lorelai make it work? This fall all of these questions will (hopefully) be answered in the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, which is coming to Netflix as a 4 episode series.


Mary + Jane

Channel: MTV
Premiere Date: September 5

Two best buds, with the best bud is the premise of this new 30minute comedy on MTV from writing/directing team and executive producers Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont (”Can’t Hardly Wait”) and Entertainment 360 (”Game of Thrones”). Jordan (Scout Durwood) and Paige (Jessica Rothe), two twenty-something best friends who run an all-female weed delivery service in Los Angeles. Filled with funny, raw and bizarre adventures, the show explores the uncharted territory as Los Angeles comes out of the Green Closet and gets into high and higher times. We hear Snoop Dogg is involved.

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