Now Reading’s Accidental Millionaire Turned $18K To Millions’s Accidental Millionaire Turned $18K To Millions

Say hello to you new buddy, friend, homie, neighbor, life sponsor(lol) Eric Martin. You see Mr. Martin back in 2015 took up on the contest to get the highest number of people to sign up for a preview of’s website.

Eric Martin Jet Accidental Millionaire

Eric won the competition and his prize was $100,000 shares of, NBD. fast forward to Monday when Walmart announced they were buying 2 year old for $3.3billion and Eric Martin is singing “money money mohney, mohhhhney!”

b70 money shower gif


The 30-year-old Martin’s, who works for a custom bath installation company,  shares are now reportedly worth in the ballpark of $10 – $20million “Turn that 62 to 125, 125 to a 250” and he didn’t have to slang in the streetz.


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According to Bloomberg, “While he waits to find out exactly how rich he is, Martin is thinking about his own startup,, an online portal that lets people post their ideas for inventions or businesses and get others to execute on them while retaining a stake in the project.”

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