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As we slowly await the arrival of spring, many of us are already planning on rocking a new look and what better time to usher in a fresh new hairstyle than spring?

Women are not afraid to try something daring. From Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Hudson’s face framing pixie cuts to Charlize Theron’s slightly longer short do.

pixie cuts hair do

“I think the bob and the pixie cut are going to be popular this season,” says Robert Stell, a hairstylist at Steven Deer Salon. A lot of my clients are asking to go short because they want to do less work, Stell added.

The ombre two-tone look has been seen across the heads of style enthusiasts during the last few seasons. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Jared Leto at the Oscars have all mastered the look. So why not try color blocking as a different approach for spring.

The idea is taking a section of the hair in any location around the head and choosing any color, even pink, to make it pop. Helen Lasichanh, Pharrell’s wife is already ahead of this trend.

Helen lasichanh_color block hair

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For those transitioning from relaxer/chemical textured hair to a more natural hairstyle,  Stell recommends the use of flexi-rods. This heatless method creates volume and holds without the damage of chemically performing a perm. The long-lasting spirals will even stay in through activities such as working out at the gym.

“Your hair is your glory; when your hair is looking good you are feeling good,” Stell says. “It’s self-motivating for men and women and it is important to keep yourself looking good.

Stell has been working in the hair industry for 17 years as a stylist. You can find him and book your appointments with him (312) 915-5335 at the Steven Deer Salon  (870 N. Orleans St. Chicago).

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