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Summer in Chicago is all about Charity events, big parties and of course drama”


Girl what?! Did you hear?! Bravo TV is  giving Chicago it’s own turn at reality TV status. This morning they finally  released teaser videos and cast bio for the new show 100 Days of Summer which is about 6 single Chicagoans looking for love or next step commitment. By the looks of it, the show takes on some of the previous Bravo recipe (drama, lots of F bombs and over dramatic chicks)  but can it stand the test of time? Well we will all have to find out when it airs January 17. In the  teaser video we see the Genuine Entertaiment guys’ white party, Vertigo, an appearance by Check Please’ Cat De Orio, lots of Lonnie Rodriguez, boats, The Bedford restaurant, and clubs.

Truthfully, the only recognizable faces in the cast(again based on teaser) are Vince Anzalone who is the co-founder of Genuine Entertainment and known party guy who’s usually dressed in a suit and Jay Michael  a real estate developer  trying to revive the Uptown neighborhood (2 spread feature in CS last year) & he recently hosted the launch of FourTwoNine Magazine. I may be on a different social scene but I’ve got nothing on Tara Clack, Phillips Deming, Ray Austin or Pascale Willins.

This is definitely, probably not an accurate depiction or representation of Chicago’s single scene but hey it’s reality TV.

I’m sure in the weeks and days leading up to the premiere more info will get out but until then, here’s a teaser to keep you.


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*images & video via BravoTV

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