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Alison Shipley, Fiona McEntee, Rhona Kane, Dana Nasatir

Imagine for a moment, you just left work and the guy you’re  kinda sorta into right now calls for an impromptu date at Paris Club or Untitled, you have a pretty cute dress on but your hair’s been in a ponytail all day-blech!. You can either politely decline(which you shouldn’t) or quickly pop into a salon to get your mane blown out;  I mean you want to saunter in like you have a personal Beyonce wind machine at all times. Welcome Chicago’s first blow-dry only salon, BlowtiqueWhether you have long Ivanka Trump Rapunzel like hair, wearing  a protective hairstyle**  or a cute bob, you can get blown out at Blowtique. Blow dry salons are all the rage these days an Chicago is lucky to have a cute and chic one like Blowtique. They recently held their opening party and hosted some of Chicago’s PYTs on the scene like Lindsay Avner, Lauren Berg,Jenny Berg (no relation). The launch party also had on hand Blowtique owner Fiona McEntee and Creative Director Rhona Kane. Their prices are pretty reasonable so you won’t be breaking the bank. Blowtique is located at 1 E Huron by flywheel and down the street from Whole Foods and Ikram.

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*All photos: Erin Stefanik Photography
**protective hairstyle is what I call wearing a weave, it’s protecting my actual hair

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