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Best Dressed Snow Ball_

Saturday night, 2/8, over 1,000 of Chicago’s finest young fun and philanthropic, gathered in the great hall of Union Station to help raise funds Junior Council(recap of event to come soon). These were the guests whose outfits caught our eye. From tuxes on Scott Gidwitz and Chad Biba to colorful suit jackets on Kevin Hung and John Wartmeberg and the ladies Michelle Leszkiewicz and Whitnee Caldwell in¬†shimmering dresses to Joe Schaefer in a smart plaid suit. Vote for your favorite look below

Alex Moresco

Alex Moresco_Best dressed snowball

Scott Gidwitz

Scott Gidwitz_best dressed snowball

Kevin Hung
Kevin Hung_best dressed snowball

Pamela Miranda
Pamela Miranda_Best dressed snowball

Chad Biba
Chad Biba_snowball Best dressed

Pamela McCormick
Pamela McCormick_snowball best dressed.jpg_

Johnny Prunty
John Prunty_Best Dressed Snowball

Grace Sweeney
Grace Sweney_best dressed snow ball

Joe Schaefer
Joe Schaefer_best dressed snow ball

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John Wartemberg
John Wartemberg_best dressed snow ball

Brian Spaly
Brian Spaly_Best dressed snowball

Michelle Leszkiewicz
Michelle Leszkiewicz_best dressed snow ball_
Whitnee Caldwell
Michelle Leszkiewicz_best dressed snow ball

Caitlin Cruikshank
Caitlin Cruikshank_best dressed snowball

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