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Beauty Products to Maintain Your Summer Glow

Beauty Products to Maintain Your Summer Glow


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Though labor day is considered the unofficial end of summer, post labor day we are begining to feel the temps drop and soon the leaves will go from lush green to red to brown, which means summer as we know it is about to bid us adieu. For some of us, the glow from that summer sun was really what made those beach selfies lit amiright?! Even if the sun and heat will be leaving us ushering in fall, your summer glow doesn’t have to. We’ve rounded up some beauty products that you can use to keep the glow alive and get those cheekbones higlighted to the gawds to really make those selfies on insta or snapchat cause envy.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder

Laura Mercier Face Illuminating products to maintain summer glow

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Seriously AH.MAZING! A small dab of this whether on your cheekbone area, nose, or mixed with some baby oil or vaseline for the body will make you feel like an amazonian goddess. Mario Dedivanocic aka Kim Kardashian’s makeup maestro swears by the product using it on le KKW during her appearance at the MTV VMAs.

laura-mercier-kim-kardashianimage via E!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit

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Catch this highlight? With an insane following on instagram, on their website and inspires like Sephora, we can see how/why this brand has really taken over the beauty sphere but one of the main products that can take you from dud to daaamn! is their Glow, its comes in 4 different shades. If you don’t have too much that needs covering up on your face, apply a light oil free moisturizer or tinted moisturizer, a flick of the glow and some lip and BAM! you will glow girl.

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Charlotte Tilbury Lip to Cheek

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