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Beauty:  a subjective experience. Be comfortable with yourself, be who you are. Once you stop being things for other people

In continuing with our new montly feature (Monday was 23 Questions with Kimmy Wilson) we bring you ‘Beauty of The Month.’

When the idea of featuring a Chicagoan  for this came up, there was literally one name that came to mind- Toni Canada! Though our great city  has and continue to celebrate celebrities(actors, musical artists) here at SLC the celebrities we celebrate are  Chicagoans.

Toni Canada is someone whose style can be described as tastefully chic. Though she grew up in Michigan, Chicago is where she calls home with her husband Rick and step-children. Toni Canada’s beauty is simply chic from her style choices and amazing closet(truly incredible) to beauty items. When spotted at some of the best events, she usually has her hair down with non-heavy makeup and a bright smile. Toni is amongst an exclusive group of women around the world profiled for Vogue Magazine.

Don’t let the title fool you, this is a lady who is up and at it early on a daily basis and also involved and sits on non-profit boards(Guild of Botanic Garden, Art Institute Aux. Board to name a few). On Saturday October 12, she will co-chair the Auxiliary Board of the Art Institutes’ Gala “NOTHING IS AT IT APPEARS.”

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Toni Canada


Toni Canada 5 beauty must have

Elizabeth Arden 8 hr Cream
La Mer eye balm
La Mer Tinted Moisturizer
rms coconut creme
Shiseido eye cream with spf 32


wash my face with Cetaphil with a little washcloth and then rms all over face and La Mer underneath my eyes and then the 8 hour balm. I swear by the 8hour balm, I’ve been using it since I was 10 years old. I am not really the type to get massages or facials, I get them maybe once a year.


La Mer
Weekly manicure at Spa Emilia
Chanel Sublimage La Creme

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Asked who her Beauty Inspirations were growing up? Her mom! She has great skin and uses Elizabeth Arden balm and always taught us to moisturize. Also Grace Kelly, she’s classic.

Toni is known for wearing neutral tone lips, but if she were to wear a bold lip color what would it be? Red or Orange

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On Saturday Toni Canada will co-chair the Art Institute of Chicago’s Auxiliary Board Gala, sponsored by Buccellatti, along with Matt Pettinelli, Jade Newburn, Stephen Somogyi and Roxy Goebel.
She will be wearing a real eye catching Nina Ricci dress and her mask is being made by the person who made the mask from the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Guests are in for an amazing surprise that we can’t reveal but someone will be a lucky winner.

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Top Image: Black Alexander McQueen Black Feather Peplum Top // PRADA Python Flared Heels 39 Green

PRABAL GURUNG Feather Top //
*Images: Aaron Ryskiewicz

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