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BB Creams For Men

BB Creams For Men

BB cream

There’s a sudden proliferation of BB Creams interest in the beauty industry especially in America but in several parts of Asia—particularly East Asian countries—they have been using BB Creams for day-to-day looks for decades. BB Creams are blemish balm or beauty balm are multi-tasker, an all-in-one treatment. Whether you’re entering the career world or solidifying your place in it, looks and impressions are everything. Just as the saying goes, first impressions are lasting impressions; As much as we loathe to admit it, the first look  sets the tone for a lot of thing. For men,it’s important to keep yourself  groomed. Own  well-tailored clothing, give or treat yourself to a good shave, must get your hands manicure and take care of your skin. But there is one aspect of mainstream men’s grooming that’s remained out taboo: using makeup, specifically BB Creams.

Perhaps you’re scrunching your nose at the thought, but BB Cream for men is really not as far-fetched as you may think. Men  in several parts of Asia have been using BB Creams for day-to-day looks for quite some time now. Yes. Everyone gets blemishes that we’d like to hide, but for guys, it’s seen as unacceptable to use any sort of product to cover up. BB Creams are much lighter than foundations and don’t require a brush to apply, it’s as easy as putting sunscreen on one’s face! They also help to even out skin tone, moisturize, and contain sun-blocking ingredients.

When looking to purchase a BB Cream, I would strongly recommend looking away from the U.S brands. Because some of those companies are so new to the BB-universe, it’s better to order online from places like BB Cream Boutique, which ships all over the U.S. Here are a few recommendations of quality BB Creams that men can use to complete their polished look!


Missha is one of Korea’s most popular makeup brands, and offers a wider set of tones than other brands. There is also a men’s line, but it doesn’t have quite as much coverage or shade range.


This BB Cream was not only formulated in Asia, but also carries shades specifically for people of color. Even if you are of a darker skin tone, the KBB04 will match your skin!

neo classic homme energizing booster bb cream

The Face Shop is another popular brand and has a line specifically for Men’s Makeup. This BB Cream is low-maintenance and lasts a long time.

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Etude House Love Homme BB Cream

Etude House is THE makeup destination in S. Korea, there are dozens of products to suit any skin care needs, including a men’s line!

Dr. G Brightening Balm

Dr. Gowoonsesang is a makeup line developed by a dermatology company, and this is their most popular BB Cream.

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