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Gucci Chicago Celebrates Revamped Flagship

Gucci Chicago Celebrates Revamped Flagship

Amidst the bustle of holiday parties and shopping, when an invite from Gucci lands in your snail mailbox requesting your attendance, you show up. This past Thursday night (12/10) found us at the revamped and oh so pretty Gucci Chicago flagship at the 900 shops for the Gucci Holiday cocktail celebration with Gucci America president and CEO Christophe de Pous on hand to show off the renovated stores glitz and glam.


Guests at the private event, with wine and champagne in hand, flitted between the stores’ two floors, taking cell phone pics, instas and of course snapchat of the  and the oriental rugs on the second floor that are only there for a limited time are a must see. The revamped Gucci Chicago flagship store, meticulously laid out with bags on the first floor, women shoes and menswear on the second floor welcomed guests including Empire consultant and producer Timbaland’s wife Monique Mosley, Lauren Buxbaum, Autumn Merrit, Toni and Rick Canada, Nazanin and Siamak Saidi, Dusty and Alex Stemer, Graunk Enzenberger, Obi Nwazota, David Jude Greene, Mark Gill, Noren Ungaretti, Mamie Walton with Stanley Paul and many others.


Christophe de Pous. Monique Mosley in Gucci.
Christophe de Pous, Monique Mosley
Donagh Kane. Onasis Odelmo. Jeremy Gruszka.
Donagh Kane, Onasis Odelmo, Jeremy Gruszka
Stuart Mesires. Noren Ungaretti. Mary O'Doherty
Stuart Mesires, Noren Ungaretti, Mary O’Doherty


Tatiana Lasko in Gucci.
Tatiana Lasko


Arlene Matthews. Brandon Frein. Autumn Merritt.
Arlene Matthews, Brandon Frein, Autumn Merritt

Guests were given special Gucci gift upon departure.

*photo credit: Gucci

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