All The Pieces From Soucycle x Lululemon Collab

Not to sound like a basic but when news that Soulcyle and Lululemon were launching a collab collection, legit the first reaction was…
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I want ALLL the pieces from the Lululemon X SoulCycle collaboration, but the way my bank account is setup. The line includes apparel for both women AND men. This is the first collab for both brands, and according to team Lululemon the 20-piece line was launched after “500 classes, 1,300 towel whips, a team of designers, and 2,000 tap backs. Sweat it out in quick drying Everlux™ fabric, purposely placed seams and laser cut outs that keep you cool from clip in to clip out. SoulCycle instructors, including founding instructor and Legacy lululemon Ambassador, Laurie Cole, and SoulCycle instructor Daniela Dib tested the gear with scientists at our Whitespace™ Lab.”

lululemon soulcycle featured image

Currently on my wishlist are the Ride & Reflect jacket, Ride and Reflect tights and the crop pants paired with a To The Beat tank under a To The Beat sweatshirt. This collection is incentive to try a Soulcycle class if you’ve never or reacquaint yourself if you’ve taken a long hiatus perhaps a class with Brent or a 7am class with @McClainstrong. Soulcycle was my first ever spin class and its been my favorite ever since. There’s something about the way it starts, builds and ends that leaves you in a zen state yet still filled with energy to tackle the day with clarity. 

Below are the pieces from the collab all up for sale now, for a limited time. Which ones are you looking to add to your collection of workout and getting salads at Sweetgreen outfits.


SoulCycle x lululemon Exclusive Ride and Reflect Jacket_back

Ride & Reflect Jacket in black

Ride & Reflect Jacket lululemon X SoulCycle

Ride & Reflect Jacket lululemon X SoulCycle_pouchRide and Reflect Jacket Black or Adobe Dust | Buy Here


SoulCycle x lululemon Exclusive Ride and Reflect Tight Adobe Dust
Ride and Reflect Tight Adobe Dust


SoulCycle x lululemon Exclusive Ride and Reflect
Ride and Reflect


SoulCycle x lululemon Exclusive To The Beat Bra
To The Beat Bra | Buy Here

To The Beat Tee lululemon X SoulCycle
To The Beat Tee | Buy Here

To The Beat Crop 21 lululemon X SoulCycle
To The Beat Crop 21″ | Buy Here

T.H.E. Short Linerless 9 lululemon X SoulCycle
T.H.E. Short Linerless 9″ | Buy Here

Metal Vent Tech Surge Short Sleeve
Metal Vent Tech Surge Short Sleeve | Buy Here

to the beat duffle bag soulcycle lululemon
To The Beat Duffel | Buy Here

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Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

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