After 5 Potion Karlsson Gold Vodka Obsidian

The Sun is out, temps are in the 70s, you’re on the edge of your seat to go out and play(if you’re not out already) and now you’re wondering what should I drink after 5? (if you weren’t well you better keep reading). We’ve got 2 secrets. Sumi Robota’s underground drinking lair Charcoal Bar is intimate and we love it. 2) Karlsson’s Gold Vodka.
Combine these 2 and you’ve got yourself after 5 plans. Karlsson gold Vodka, which comes shaped in a football like or giant potato bottle is the handcrafted creation of Börje Karlsson. Soooo what makes it different from the other vodka’s you’ve drank? Coming from a vodka drinker(converted during a south beach diet stint when I couldn’t drink anything else, guilty!)this thing is awesome! 2 drinks in and I was, nice. It’s made from Virgin New Potatoes but really it comes down to the fact that you can certainly drink it straight without the after burn and it has some creamy/carmel like notes to it though it’s not overpowering.
Last week, I checked out Charcoal Room and tried the Obsidian which is made with Karlsson Vodka. Matthew Lipsky who prefers to be called Choo( I think that’s how you spell it) whipped up a nice drink. First he hand carved/sliced the block of ice that will go into my glass and I’m already getting excited. Then he adds the ingredients into a beaker like container and stirred it, for a good 5 minutes(maybe less because at this point I.was.thirsty).

obsisian charcoal bar sumi robata karlsson vodka
The glass was then rimmed with a combo of bourbon smoked sugar and tasmanian black peppercorn, black cypress sea salt. The finished product was worth the process. It was so good, maybe too good because I didn’t realize I had finished it before I started to lick off the rest of the glass rim(TMI?). What’s your ‘After 5 potion?’



Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

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