WATCH: Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys SUPER Super Bowl Doritos Ad

Chance Doritos Backstreet Boys superbowl Ad

Chance had been teasing via social media the upcoming ad in which he tries to learn some of the Backstreet Boys dance moves and Sunday night we saw the entire commercial and it was super. The Backstreet Boy’s “I want It That Way” was remixed with Chance dropping a few bars and let me tell you I got up, started juking, twerking it back Chicago style.

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Coming 2/3/19 #NowItsHot #ad

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Chance the rapper eats doritos superbow commerical flaming hots

The commercial begins with Chance biting into a Doritos chip but a flaming hot one (that is so Chicago), then begins a dream sequence of pink cars, big pink airplane, rapping and enter the Backstreet Boys. Can we also please get into Kevin’s pink coat? NEED! Watch the Doritos

Chance the rapper doritos commercial pink car 
superbowl backstreet boys

Doritos superbowl commercial

Backstreet Boys Doritos commercial chance the rapper

Kevin Doritos commercial sick coat


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