Chicagoland Haunted Houses To Check Out This Halloween

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Looking at my bank account and scale is scary enough as it is, but I guess paying for someone to scare the bejesus out of me to the point that I almost wet myself, is a good escape from reality, right? When it comes to Halloween, I am down for the costumes (prefer quirky/funny over slutty), buying candy for trick or treaters even my building is filled with young people with no kids but I know there are some of you that looove the Halloween season and live for haunted houses, the scarier the better. Whether you’re looking for a scary fun night out with friends or your partner, looking to play a prank on a friend or spouse, here are some of the haunted houses around the Chicagoland area to check out.

Listen, the only thing that I need chasing me down right now is a good, single and ready man, with a classic emerald cut ring talking about I want you and only you, let’s do this.

Dungeon of Doom (600 29th Zion, IL.)
dungeon of doom

Dungeon of Doom has amped-up their technology, theatrics, special effects and killer team to inflict an hour of horror and terror as attendees travel through 42,000 square feet of pure chaos. With new and improved attractions and a chance to be buried alive, this is the place where nightmares loom. Experience a bloodcurdling night while enduring some of the most horrifying attractions the Midwest has to offer. Dungeon of Doom is located in Chicago’s north suburb of Zion, and less than an hour from Milwaukee.

Townhouse of Terror Haunted House (2455 W. Ohio Street #5W
Chicago 60612)

Townhouse of Terror Haunted House

Townhouse of Terror presents Hospital Hell for the 2017 season, which is a high quality home haunt featuring live actors, custom themed rooms, and professional quality special effects. The 2017 show will be open for two nights only on Friday October 13th & Saturday October 14th from 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM.
Cost: free haunt, but you are welcome to donate as all donations will benefit the American Cancer Society.


Statesville Haunted Prison Statesville Haunted Prison (17250 S. Weber Rd. Lockport IL. 60441)

This year, our patrons can look forward to the new Maniac Ward. Travel through 7 newly opened rooms where The Doctor pursues the true nature of evil in the twisted experimentation of the round house cells of WARD 7. Our second full attraction, City of the Dead, features more live snakes, rats, cockroaches, spiders, and of course zombies, throughout the burial caves of the City of the Dead. Statesville and City of the Dead take the science of fear very seriously.
Cost: $30 General Admission, Onsite VIP Fast Pass $50 (Pre Purchased Tickets – $45 VIP Fast Pass, $21 Group Tickets), Sniper Paintball Ride $20, Discounts: $5 off coupon online.


Midnight Terror Haunted House (5520 West 111th Street, Oak Lawn )
Midnight Terror Haunted House

Come and experience FEAR like never before. Walk through our abandoned town, controlled by the following of Willow, a group of young girls seeking revenge, who use your inner demons against you. The survivors are casted to the factory by Willow, using the book of Malum. Malum’s factory is over-ran by workers, consumed by things they once feared. The factory has no human life left, but now is controlled by demons and the darkness surrounding our existence. Only the ones who beg Willow for strength will find their way out. You thought that was all that has been left behind, but there is an ending that you will never see coming.
Cost: Varies based online/door/package prices


Hellsgate Haunted House (3101 Canal St Lockport, Illinois)

Hidden deep in the woods, HellsGate Haunted House is a multi-level mansion filled with secret passages, giant slides, ghastly secrets, undead abominations, really nervous groundskeepers and a darkness that the gate can no longer contain! This is not just a haunted house, it’s an adventure! Hellsgate got its name from Hell’s Gate Cemetery 1892-1939 which was called “Lost Souls Cemetery” and founded by Capt. John Flagg Moorstone, an European sea captain whose family died on an 1892 voyage to America though Governor John Altgeld nicknamed it “Hell’s Gate.”


13th Floor Chicago (1940 George Street, Melrose Park, Illinois 60160)
13th floor on Friday October 13

13th Floor Chicago returns this fall for a fourth season with two new haunted houses for one price: Cursed: Purgatory and Dead End District: Freakshow. This year, 13th Floor will offer major a night so intense it’ll feel like it went from carnival to theme park. On Friday October 13, special guests will get a sneak preview of the Amazon Prime Video series Lore. 13th Floor is one of six haunted houses in the country that was selected for this screening with Amazon Prime Video. 13th Floor Chicago will be open to the public for shows beginning on Friday, September 22, and run on select dates through November 4.
Cost: General Admission $26.99; Fast pass $10| Black Out General Admission $26.99

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