BMO Launches Mobile Wish Fountain To Make and Share Wishes

Darryl Hackett, Justine Fedak
Darrel Hackett, Justine Fedak


To kickoff the celebration of their bicentennial, which actually began November 3, 2016,  BMO Bank (BMO Financial Group), launched a modern way to wish it forward with the BMO200 Mobile Wish Fountain inside their Chicago HQ at 111 W. Monroe. The BMO200 Mobile Wish fountain, an interactive and digital fountain, is designed so customers can make and share wishes, big or small. The fountain features over 50,000 flip dots, which was used back in the day for train station boards.


BMO celebrates One Big Thing with BMO200 Mobile Wish Fountain launch_1


BMO President of U.S. Wealth Management, finance rising star Darrel Hackett and SVP and Head of Brand, Advertising and Sponsorship, Justine Fedack (pictured above) were on hand for the unveiling to BMO’s Chicago employees. The fountain, throughout 2017, will allow BMO to grant a number of wishes big and small across several categories that define the bank (green wishes, togetherness, community, and legacy) through individuals and organizations wishing it forward and use social media to share wishes with friends and family.


BMO celebrates One Big Thing with BMO200 Mobile Wish Fountain launch_4


The fountain, here in the spring, will be open for the public. Wishes can also be made and shared anytime from anywhere through the digital experience here.


BMO celebrates One Big Thing with BMO200 Mobile Wish Fountain launch_2

BMO Financial Group’s CEO is Chief Executive Officer and the U.S. Country Head & CEO of BMO Financial Corp. is Christopher Begy.


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