The New Insightful, Digital Eye Exam

Those of us that wear glasses rarely feel a special attachment to eye exams or the process of choosing your own frames. A visit to the optometrist usually goes something like this: you saddle up to the bulky machine stick your face on it, wait for the good doctor to begin telling you just how worse your sight had become.

eye xam gif

Through the Refractor you see a blurry photo of a boat or hot air balloon until the optometrist starts switching glass slides like an oversized View-Master™. Without a second thought, you both begin to recite the visually-impaired-mantra: 

“Which can you see better, one? Or two?”


“Okay, now which can you see better, one? Or two?” 


“Which is better, one? Or three?” 

“Three?” and so on.


Ten minutes later, as your eyes sting from holding them open against the refractor, you’re released with a paper prescription that makes no sense and you go about your day.

Despite eye glasses becoming a more recognizable, chic fashion accessory, the actual process of getting corrective lenses remains largely archaic. In a case of having one without the other; most places that offer optical testing don’t have the same expansive, varied selection that online shops like Warby Parker or Polette do and vice versa.


However, as everything else moves rapidly in the digital age, the eye exam process is beginning to catch up with LensCrafters redefining the experience of both the eye exam and lens selection process, to empower the person wearing the glasses. The Clarifye℠ system, from LensCrafters not only modernizes the archaic process by streamlining the examination, you get a far more precise prescription and a more personal, informative experience with the optometrist who uses advanced, digital equipment to map your eye. 


My experience with LensCrafters’ Dr. Lee, was eye opening (see what I did there). I could tell she had an incredible breadth of knowledge on optical health and wellness. The appointment wasn’t just to find out what prescription I needed for my glasses, but a brief, yet comprehensive session emphasizing the health component of an eye test. Browsing the selection of frames afterward felt like shopping with a personal stylist. Using other new technologies, AccuFit (which digitally scans your eye measurements to ensure the perfect lens fit) and an online quiz, I selected several frames, tried them on and narrowed the choices until I got to The One. 

The Frame Selector not only accounts for face shape but also your personality, colors you like, and more. If you need to wear glasses, then you know that they’re a part of the image you present each day. Your eye glasses should reflect your personality and be flattering on your face.  Gucci’s 2015 show made eye glasses a staple on the runway along with Aleesandro Michelle amazing creations, it would be dope to see more designers and frow(front+row) dwellers showing off their corrective lenses. 



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