My Must Have For Surviving Chicago Winter

There’s one thing myself, Jurnee Smolett, Jamie King, Katie Holmes, Gabrielle Union, Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez, Olivia Palermo all have in common and that’s the fact that we are all fans of Moose Knuckles Canada.

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Before moving to the US, I grew up in a tropical hot climate country so you know winter is definitely not my favorite season but being enveloped with the warmth of a down coat like Moose Knuckles’ Stirling parka sure helps when Tom Skilling says it will feel like -20°. I am able to properly fight the elements and get through a day that starts at 5am and is constantly going until about 9pm.


Each day, M-F our morning newsletter Hotness In The News goes out to our subscribers. I started hotness to help our SociaLifeChicago readers start their day informed with some of the news, fashion and entertainment topics being talked about that day. It’s our little way of contributing to help you make small talk, better. Once that’s done and scheduled, then its off to the gym.





My commute to the gym and work is usually within a 25 min walk or less than 10 min via car. I usually wear a t-shirt under my coat on my walk there. Since returning from holiday in Lagos, Nigeria, I’ve been trying to get back in shape and get ready to run the Shamrock Shuffle in April so my trips to the gym have been more frequent. I usually do a run/strength training combination. 

Even though I live close to the gym, I usually pack a bag and get ready there before heading off to work. SociaLifeChicago recently got into 1871, the startup hub for digital entrepreneurs inside the Merchandise Mart, so each day has been spent grinding away trying to build and grow.



Some days I am in front of the computer and on the phone all afternoon and some can involve coffee chats or lunch meetings at say David Burke’s Primehouse inside the James Hotel. After work, its off to the third part of my day, after work events. It can be anything from a beauty event, cocktail reception, new store opening, even a gala; there are times when I’ve had to make stops at up to four different events sometimes on opposite ends of the city. In addition to being an unbelievably warm jacket, its worth the investment because if you factor in its cost per use and frequency(daily) over one winter season alone you’ve already got your money’s worth.




I’m really happy with how we’ve grown from just covering events to now sponsoring some awesome fundraising events. I am especially excited for our upcoming partnerships with Lincoln Park Zoo Auxiliary board’s ZooOlogie, Kerfuffle! to benefit ChiArts, Chicago’s only public arts high school and Chicago Public Library Foundation Junior Board’s Night In The Stacks.





Through it all the best thing about my day is knowing that no matter what or where I have to be, I can put on my Moose Knuckles coat, flip up the detachable hood and just go. In addition to my Moose Knuckles Stirling, must haves for winter survival in Chicago includes fleece leggings, Buffalo trace whiskey, lots of water and raw shea butter for supple skin, almond flour chocolate chip cookies, and warm lined boots. 



Patiently waiting for spring.

What are your winter survival must haves?

Mooseknuckles Stirling Parka (available in multiple color schemes)
The Home T (Illinois)
Nike Leg-A-See Just Do It Tights (sold out, similar styles here)
H&M Turtleneck
AG Jeans Legging Ankle – Greyhound

Schutz Studded Stiletto (no longer available)

This post was in collaboration with Moose Knuckles Canada but all opinions are strictly mine because let’s face it, if I don’t love it I don’t talk about it 🙂


Photo credit: Heather Talbert

Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

pronounced: Boh-la-jee, like the Bellagio but w/o the O. SLC Founder and Editor, loves to write about topics at the intersection of career and lifestyle for today's young professional and future leaders.

  1. Thanks for the overview! I’ve been thinking about buying a Moose Knuckles jacket and you totally sold me on it. I love how stylish it is and you can totally dress it up or down. I too have a busy schedule and trying to survive these unpredictable Chicago winters!

  2. Whoa! I was just looking at Moose Knuckles the other day. Thanks for showcasing this. I definitely will have to get one. By the way it looks great on you.

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