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With social media feuds breaking out between established hip-hop and rap stars, it can be easily distracting to the real reasons behind the music but then you listen to an up and coming artist like Leaf and it takes you back the brighter, hungrier side of the industry. We chatted with the rapper, signed to Fools Gold records, before she lands in Chicago for the “Know It All” tour with headliner Alessia Cara. This young talent is definitely a force to be rekoned with, and its only just the beginning!


SociaLifeChicago: Who would you pick to be in your Magnet Bitch Movement femme squad?
Leaf: Wow that’s an interesting question, I’ve actually never been asked that before. Definitely Willow Smith. I love her she’s so dope. I think she really embodies what MBM stands for, with being herself and being a self-entrepreneur, I love her music so that would definitely be one person. Definitely Zoe Kravitz, she’s really cool. I love what she’s doing with music right now too.  I could see maybe FKA Twigs. I think she’s really dope and her mbm is about girls having their own style and presence. I feel like at the end it’s about girls who have like their own little hustle and they really believe in themselves. So any girl whose doing what they do and being powerful and being strong and their message is being themselves, they could be a part of that squad.

SLC: In a previous interview you said you didn’t see the Jimi Hendrix Biopic with Andre 3000 because you didn’t want to taint the images of both, have you seen it since then?
Leaf: No I actually still haven’t seen it chuckles. I have seen all his documentaries and I’ve seen his live performances. I feel like I would rather see that than a movie that might depict his life.
SLC:  Is this your first time playing in Chicago? What can we expect from your show at Metro?
Leaf: I’ve never been to Chicago so I’m super excited! And as far as my show goes, I just hope people accept it. Its a little piece of me; a run through of all of the songs coming up on my new project and I’m just trying to give people kind of the Leaf experience. I’m really excited about going to Chicago though, I have friends out there and I’ve never been. I heard it’s a lot like New York and I’m from New York so I’m really excited to see what it’s like!


SLC: What would you describe as your day-to-day style? What’s your favorite thing to have on?
Leaf: Right now I have this obsession with onesies, I decided I’m only going to wear onesies all year. So I would say like either a onesie and some chucks or umm, maybe some heels if I’m feeling a little fancy that day. Right now because its cold, I’m wearing this fur scarf and when I’m in LA I pretty much wear these army onesies that have my logo on them.

SLC: Love it! Love a good onesie. Who would you say is killing it right now in the hip-hop game that you would want to meet/collaborate with?
Leaf: I think there’s so many people in the game that I admire, from Kendrick to Young Thug to Future, like even people coming up right now like Kodak Black or definitely Ty, I love Jeremih. There’s so many people in the game that I would love to make music with. Nicki and obviously Beyonce; there’s so many dope girls and dope rappers that are out at the moment that I really love to listen to and would love to collaborate with.

SLC: I know you are a New York native, but I have to ask…Tupac or Biggie?
Leaf: Ha, that’s so hard! I have to go with Biggie though; I’m from Brooklyn so I can’t not say Biggie! Tupac definitely has a place in my heart forever!

SLC:Besides the tour what are some future endeavors we have to look forward to from Leaf?
Leaf: Well I’m going to be releasing a song really soon for Valentines Day so I’m excited to drop some new music. I also have a project coming up called King Leaf coming out around March or April, which I’m very excited about as well. I have a campaign with some companies coming up too. Just a lot of stuff in the works this year, it’s going to be a really exciting year!

We can’t wait to see all she’s going to do this year. You can catch Leaf this Friday at The Metro Chicago; so you don’t want to miss her dope onesies and amazing voice on stage!

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