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“It’s important to find what really suits who you are, because style isn’t only what you wear, it’s what you project.”
― Carolina Herrera


Hungary has sealed off a 110 mile border, which was a main gateway to central Europe by refugees escaping war torn countries such as Syria and Iraq, with razor sharp barbed wires and anyone caught trying to get in will be arrested. Having declared a state of emergency, army troops can be deployed to safeguard the border. Hungary’s  Prime Minister Viktor Orban swore in 860 new border police at a ceremony in Budapest’s Heroes’ Square and vowing to defend his country and its culture. Almost 10,000 migrants and refugees crossed into Hungary on Monday, a single-day record. [WASHINGTON POST]


Crank up the E.V.O.O because newly released study from Spain is stating that a Mediterranean style diet high in fish, vegetable and olive oil may lower risk of breast cancer in comparison to a low fat diet. The five year randomized trial, where women that were instructed to eat a med style diet with four tbsp of extra virgin olive oil per day had half as many breast cancer diagnosis though the focus of the study was heart disease. A Mediterranean diet consists of eating more plant based food, more fruits, fish, olive oil, drink mostly water or red wine(same difference), eat red meat 1x/week and reduce dairy intake. [REUTERS]


Trump is fired, but Ahnold is hired by NBC to be the new host of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former California governor and star of such hits as The Expendables and Terminator, will continue helping raise money for charity through the Mark Burnett produced show. [USA TODAY]


The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member  and former child star has been sentenced to three years of probation, 30 days community service and must attend AA for one year. This stemmed from her arrest after an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge. [PEOPLE]


The Minnesota based retailer is launching a test pilot for online grocery delivery by partnering with Instacart, the online grocery delivery service. Customers in the test region will be able to order perishables and household items to be delivered in as little as an hour starting today. Speaking of online shopping, Stripe an online payments startup revealed new tools to help retailers sell their wares directly on Twitter and other e-commerce apps. Warby Parker & Saks are first retailers to sell using Stripe. [WASHINGTON POST]


•Lane Bryant launch of the #PlusIsEqual campaign
Lane Bryant launch of the #PlusIsEqual campaign

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