Workout Moves to Tone & Sculpt Your Legs

The weather outside, right now may not feel like its summer but summer has officially started and with that some of us are still working on sculpting that summer body(damn you delicious potbelly cookies).

Whether you’re training for the BTN Big 10K race, a triathlon or just want to stay toned while laying out on a boat at the play pen or your roof deck, we want to help you achieve your summer body goals.  Not all of us are born blessed with amazonian long, lean sculpted legs like Giselle, Karlie Kloss, Alessandra Ambrosio or all of the Victoria Secret campaign collective, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work for it like Carrie Underwood, J-lo, Hannah Bronfman, Khloe Kardashian, or Kelly Rowland, squat sets at a time. We’ve asked trainers from around Chicago to give tips and exercises to help sculpt different target areas of our body.

Gs-still-got-it Kicking things off, literally, is Greg McCollum of PUSH Sports Performance Training. Here he gives 10 exercises that can be done to sculpt those legs. As the saying goes, no pain no gain so start sweatin.
*Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program*




For Beginners:

Walk “Up Hill” treadmill- incline 10-15 speed 2.5 -3.5

source: lifefitnessbydane
source: lifefitnessbydane

Resistance Ball hamstring curl

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Ball Squats Sets – 3-4 Reps 15-20 time 8-12mins

Swiss-Ball Body-Weight Wall Squat
source: fitwr

Intermediate: Do 3-4 sets with 15-20Reps each

Walking Lunges w light weights

“Plate Loaded” Leg Press

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Kettle Bell – side step w squat

Kettle Bell - side step w squat

Advanced: Sets – 3-4 Reps 15-20

Jump Lunges
jumping lunges

Sprint intervals on treadmill or track “4 intervals”



Goblet Squats “deep” w Kettle bell

Goblet Squats “deep” w Kettle bell
source: oxygenmag

Plate Loaded Sled low push 15-25 yards with 30-60lbs

Plate Loaded Sled low push

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