Celebrities & Streetstyle Shots of Air Max For Air Max Day 2015

Nike’s Air Max, from its first debut in 1987 with the Air Max 1, inspired by the Air Max zero, has evolved in 9 iterations over the years and gone from an athletic only staple to fashion accessory and today (March 26) we celebrate #AirmaxDay. The brainchild of design whiz Tinker Hatfield came about after an inspiring trip to the Pampidou center in Paris, France “I specifically went to Paris to see the city, but also to visit the Pompidou Center, it was a building turned inside out, with a glass skin underneath. Coming back to Oregon, I had meetings with the technicians who were working on the larger Air-sole units and I relayed my thoughts: Maybe we could also expose the Air-Sole technology and create a shoe that’s like no other.”

My first pair of running shoes were the bubble heeled, cushion top Air Max that I knew for sure would make me run super fast and I’ve been a Nike running shoe convert ever since.

The evolution of the Nike Air Max since the first introduction, when Tinker Hatfield cut away at the surrounding foam midsole to reveal a larger Air-Sole unit, proving its existence with audacious visibility, is quite fascinating and it really began when Nike’s Director of Cushioning Innovation David Forland came on board to the company. Over the years with the introduction of the 90, 180, 93, 95, 97, Air Max plus, Air Max 360 and Air Max 2015, from other forms of cushioning,  eliminating foam to increasing flexibility, the innovation and technology has  transformed.


Nowadays you can find your favorite athlete, musician, celebrity and street style fixture rocking an iteration of Nike’s Air Max. we’ve picked our best shots below.

To celebrate #AirmaxDay, they’ve released Air Max Zero, bringing the story full circle with the oldest and newest member of the Air Max family.


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Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

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